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Models were most beautiful in person than pictures.

Benedikt MacGowan, NYC.. I was hesitating after searching for the escort directory. I found the website with nice looking ladies gallery. The booking process was pretty straight forward. The phone assistance was very customer-oriented, and the models were most beautiful in person than pictures. Excellent service.

Most Beautiful Woman

Stanley Reynolds, Manhattan. Discretion and commitment are the two most important features you would look when hiring upscale escorts. The agency employees are very supportive, the models are highly trained professionals, which you will never guess they are escorts. Their behaviors and appearance are immaculate. They indeed are accustomed to working for the upper class. Definitely, this is the place to go when you are looking for the most beautiful woman with a tremendous attitude.

Real Escort.

Noel Rudolph. New Jersey Finally, a real escort agency for the lavish American successful men. Booking is easier than ordering a meal. The receptionist is very patient and knowledgeable about her business; she was able to offer dozens of possible options and arrangements for my particular requests. Surprisingly, both the service provided and the girls' commitments were above expectations. (Noel Rudolph. New Jersey)

Best Value for your money

Sam Bressman, Manhattan I have been a regular client for the last eight months, outstanding service, they stay behind their word. The escort agency ensures the models arrive on time and eager to work. I have tried 8 different models and trust me. It is impossible to choose which one I like the most. The best value for your money in Manhattan.

Models delivered more than promised

Jonathan Brockington, Long Island After several under performed and poor attitude models in other New York Escorts agency who has no business in the elite companion industry, I found this Name escort agency. They are aware of the quality expected for the adult hostess and entertainers companions in New York. The models are well-educated and exhibit impeccable manners in public once you gain their favors and trust; they become affectionate and delivered more than promised.

The best NYC escort agency. .

Miodrag Vasiliev, Brooklyn Spotless service, fantastic experience, serene encounter. They delivered a comprehensive escort service. No doubt, they are the best NYC escort agency.

Best escort agency on the east coast.

Jeffrey Groves, NYC Gifted girls with delightful personalities, they bend over to ensure your satisfaction. The girls are well-bred and educated, nice to talk to, and full of passion for life. Best escort agency on the east coast.

Exceptional Experience.

(Daniel Katz, London) I hire hundreds of elite escorts around the globe. This is the first time I am amazed by the models' beauty and the level of the escort service delivered. The agency is superior to any South Asian, including Thailand's elite escort agencies. Definitely, don't look at any other place, trust your needs to this agency, and they will make it work for you. Exceptional experience.

Best Service Ever

David Grant, Manhattan. The escort agency website is neat and easy to navigate, the models are beautiful. The images displayed are from the real models, the pictures are of good quality, and you can observe all the details. The receptionist is polite and helpful. The women are elegant with luminous smiles and perfect toned bodies. Best service ever.

Pretty Woman Fantasy

Matthew Delfiner, Manhattan. The only agency that delivers the same quality service seen in Hollywood movies. This is my fifth time hiring escorts in my life, and the first time I finally fulfilled my pretty woman fantasy. The models hotter than hell, with charming personalities, she was very attentive and acted like my girlfriend during my three days trip. Surely, I will hire her again on my next trip to NYC.

Brother's Bachelor Party

Vincent Skiliut, Long Island Hire a couple of models for my little brother's bachelor party, and we ended spending the whole weekend with the models at the Oriental Mandarin NYC. The models were friendly, fun, and looks perfect, 24/7. Excellent agency fabulous service, Highly recommended.

Models Are Beautiful

Joel Patterson, NYC Youthful and energetic models, insuperable positive attitude, and deliver comprehensive services. The women are better in person than in their pictures. A+.


Stuart Nasrallah, Long Island Astonishing women with perfect management of clients' anxiety and worries. They put me at ease in seconds and took control of the encounter to make the most of it. I am completely satisfied with my service, and the models were heavenly talented

Best NYC Escorts Service

Richard Bronster, Manhattan NYC best escort agency, I contacted the agency to arrange companions service for my boss's birthday celebration. The telephone agent was resourceful and helpful in assisting me during the process. The woman couldn't be more attractive or beautiful. Phenomenal experience and marvelous service.  

First Rate NYC Escort Agency

Walter Molosfky,  Manhattan. I am afraid of my personal security and privacy when working with new agencies. Nevertheless, they are a legit business with professional companion women who behave and act to the norm. First-rate escort service.