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32C 23 34 Exclusively with new york city escorts. Allyse is a business student. She is natural beautiful and has long legs, porcelain face, silky skin, and a powerful mind. She is the elegance and tender personification. She is the ideal woman for most men. She is sophisticated, in public and is able to maintain a good conversation with any group of people, at the same time, she is girlish and innocent. She has an embracing fragrance. She radiates loves and joy around her. She is a manhattan escort.  She cares for her dates and puts her energies in pleasing and making him feel welcome and appreciated!



Body Type: Thin
Body Size: 34B-23-33
Age: 25
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Available to: Men
Likes: Mature, respectful gentlemen
Dislikes: Smoking, Bad attitude


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$1000 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls NYC ESCORT DATING


You Will Fall In Love
Jan 04, 2020
Mark Sandberg I beg you will fall in love with her. Allyse is a professional. She dresses and acts according to the occasion and is never off-target. She knows exactly what to do; she anticipates my needs and desires, and with perfect synchronization, she was ready to please me. She was fun and friendly to talk to. She is perfect in every sense, and if you are lucky enough, you will have the best time of your life.
Naturally Beautiful
Dec 20, 2019
Philip Greene Allyse is much more than a beautiful girl with a super well-kept body. She looks terrific in person with a delicious scent. She is sweet, very intelligent more than most will expect. She is well-spoken and more delightful than money. She takes her time to gain your trust and make you feel comfortable and open. Her skills are praiseworthy; her provided services left me with a long-lasting smile.

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