Why VIP Members Enjoy So Many Benefits

Upscale businesses offer exclusive deals, rendezvous events, and hundreds of benefits for their best clients or VIP members. Due to the exceptional customer service provided by our New York City escort agency, clients cannot imagine the unparalleled experiential rewards program and uncountable benefits reserved for our most loyal clientele. Having in mind those who want to enjoy a genuine royal treatment beyond excellence, we designed our exclusive membership programs. Explore this article to discover exclusive offers, elite NYC escort services, gifts, incredible savings, and private models available for our select members.

Priority Booking and Express Delivery

Safety and privacy are our NYC escort agency's top priorities. Working with a trusted client, whose identity and banking information is verified allows us to speed up our appointment system. Once our security team gives the green light for a client, it reduces hours of waiting. Besides, each member goes through an interview process that provides us with his preferences, expectations, and profile. The profile gives us the information needed to tailor encounters to overpass the client's expectations on every date. Indeed, the profile provides a client insight that our dating specialists use for designing exclusive meetings and offering new services created for him.

Our Members are Financial, and Identity Verified with Excellent Models Feedback

Having cash, or money apps: Zelle or Venmo information prevents any potential delays while booking an NYC escort service caused by the client's bank security department. Moreover, verified financial information enhances our identity verification and decreases our security department's level of concern. In addition, our Manhattan escorts feel more relaxed when working with a trusted, discerning client. Besides, escort NY provides feedback about each client, which facilitates other NYC escort service providers to understand the client's particular tastes or needs. 

Last Minute Request

High Class Companions NYC only accept last-minute requests from Ultra Elite VIP members. Our agency always has a couple of New York City Escorts on call ready to take care of our VIP members. Depending on your membership level, even your selected model may be prepared for you with short notice. Everybody can have a terrible amount of stress that is blocking his productivity, which requires immediate attention. For this reason, we have models on-call or backup on top of our daily-confirmed appointments.

Get Access to Our Celebrities and Most Exclusive Manhattan Escorts

Among the many benefits our members receive, getting access to a complete list of escorts is one of their favorites. Our New York City escort agency works with dozens of top models, TV celebrities, and high society women who rarely provide NYC escort services. Our members get access to the most updated galleries, including celebrities, housewives, and models who hardly ever work a couple of times per year. Sure, the gallery can change every week depending on the escorts NYC availability.Our exclusive escorts NYC gallery includes those non-public escorts who want to take appointments during the week. It's essential to realize that our most exclusive Escorts NYC or visiting escorts NY are never showcased in our public gallery. Not to mention, our housewives and public faces models are super-hot with captivating beauty and unmatched grace. Furthermore, our exclusive gallery contains NYC escort selfies and many pictures to appreciate them. 

Devoted Concierge and Exclusive Dating Specialist 

New York City's fast pace of life demands to delegate on other hundreds of time-consuming tasks. Because we understand how precious our clients' time is, as well as, we created a comprehensive devoted concierge service. Our members enjoy a dedicated concierge service that can take care of every detail to ensure a memorable encounter. Our concierge can accommodate virtually any client request made with enough anticipation. 

Getting the best seats at the opera, tickets for a Broadway show, or any venue in the city are some of the tasks in which our concierge service never disappoints our clients. Making travel arrangements, including transportation from the hotel to the airport or vice-versa, is an easy task for our team. Dinner reservation in any of the 64 Michelin starred restaurants in NYC, no problem they can do it. Escorts New York City provides the best experience for dinner dates or clubbing in the world. Your concierge can recommend a charming restaurant with outstanding service for any occasion. 

Concierge service includes and is not limited to: Auto rentals, Limousine service, personal security, charter flights, yacht rentals, and any possible arrangement required to ensure an idyllic NYC escort service. Of course, your devoted concierge can get for you any leisure activity that you entertain either in NYC or any place.

Receive Notifications of New Models, Promotions, and Services

Members are second to no one in our New York City escort agency. They are first in line for our promotions, new services booking and visiting models. Of course, as mentioned before, they enjoy priority booking. Besides, our marketing department runs promotions through the year and generous getaways to reward and thank our loyal members. 

Every time a visiting model announces her plans to come to America or visit New York, we send her biography and pictures to our members. To emphasize, our members' expert opinions are priceless, and we strive to keep them pleased. As an illustration, before a new model can render her NYC escort services, we need the members' feedback about her. Thus, as soon as we approve a new talented girl, she is available only for members to corroborate; she is a good brand ambassador. 

Personal Escrow account to Protect Your Identity

We work with one of the world's leaders in escrow services. Our members deposit directly to their escrow account to pay for NYC escorts and any encounter-associated services. The convenient escrow feature adds another level of security to our clients' privacy by no need to disclose their identity or financial information to third parties during the encounter. The escrow's balance can pay hotels, rentals, reservations, travels, security, and every service provided by us. 

Voice Mail Messaging

Our models may answer by voice mail messaging members' requests and concerns. We are aware of the nature of the service we provide and how important the details are. With this in mind, when a member wants to listen to how one escort NY voice may sound or get an answer, we may allow bidirectional voice mail messaging. The voice mail-messaging feature is highly welcome by our members. Listening to the soft and melodious feminine voice calling your name or whispering that she looks forward to seeing you helps to experiment with powerful encounter foretaste.

Discounts and Free Services

Our members receive a preferential rate after reaching the minimum monthly expenditure. Besides, a volume discount is always available for our Ultra Elite VIP members, who hire escorts NY more than three times per week. Elite escorts NYC offer discounts only for members, particularly for weekend-long booking at an incredible price. We celebrate our clients; therefore, we give a generous discount for our services on their birthday to ensure they have a blast and celebrate them appropriately. Besides, our members can get free escort services NYC when they meet our sweet steps requirements. 

Unlimited Role-play and Encounter Designing 

Are you ready for the adventure? Our members enjoy unlimited role-play creations; they can live their wildest fantasies. Members can recreate any imaginable theme for their encounter or hire our dating specialist to accommodate or rent any venue to live in a dream. Members can free their minds and unleash their creativity. Our escorts NYC are fantastic actresses, and they enjoy pretty much acting their assigned roles. Members' boundaries are broad, and they are encouraged to explore and let us know how we can serve them better.

What Is the Main Difference between Services Provided for New Comers and VIP Clients? 

Our escorts NYC are professional men entertainers. Regardless of the person who hires them, they will render a luxury and flawless escort service NYC in every encounter. Indeed, there are no differences in the quality of the NYC escort or their attitude during a date. Each client can always expect the utmost experience when hiring high class companions NYC. Keep in mind, if you behave like a gentleman, you will enjoy a princess's company and her exquisite techniques for your amusement. Similar to seeing a High definition screen versus an ultra-high-definition screen, the differences are notorious only after you have the opportunity to experiment at the next level. 

On the other hand, members can expect a higher level of service, which translates into an overindulgent encounter. Members enjoy complimentary perks that transform a regular date into a transcendent time. Besides, escorts NYC feels more comfortable around well-known clients. Therefore, NYC escorts may understand what the client likes and do their best to satisfy him. To clarify, repetitive dates lead to bond formation. The stronger the bond, the better the experience a client can experience on each date. 

How Can I Become a Member?

Our escorts NYC memberships are primarily by invitation. In fact, more than 95% of our members became members after our marketing department invited them to participate. However, from time to time, when we have free spots available, we open our membership program to the public. Our website provides the basic information and the type of membership available. To learn the requirements and the steps needed to get a full membership in our exclusive escort agency NYC you can contact us. We are a non-discriminatory service providers and we welcome all discerning men, who obey the law and respect the rules. Any man who wants to join our ultra-exclusive membership program can request more information directly from our booking specialist.  However, our Ultra Elite membership is by invitation only.