Why Do New York City Escorts GFE Gallery Blur Models’ Faces?

Have you ever wondered why New York City escorts images blur models' faces? It may look odd, that you can see their entire body or suggestive pictures but not a clear shot of their face. Naturally, people not familiar with the escorts’ business spread all kinds of crazy theories behind this common practice. The most widespread theories are that pictures are fake and model faces are not appealing, which are wrong. High Class companions NYC are beyond gorgeous women, easygoing, with hourly glass and perfect-toned bodies. Besides, legit and upscale introduction agencies not only display 100% real images but also keep them current to reflect any physical change. 


Clientele's Safety and Privacy Are Our Top Priorities.

Protecting models' identities is crucial to ensuring our clients' safety and privacy. Our clients are successful men who enjoy an active social life. Therefore, our agency guarantees worry-free dates, ensuring nobody will associate the relationship with the business nature of the encounter. Indeed, going out with escorts NYC gives clients peace of mind, knowing that no one will recognize the models' faces. Clients’ safety and privacy are paramount for our company and the upscale adult entertainment industry.


Protect Escorts' NYC Integrity!

Escorts NYC galleries receive more than 300,000 visitors a month. Most visitors are honest. However, some fraudsters want to get images for illegal or unintended uses. Although we use watermarks and sophisticated tracking software to detect illegal content use, evildoers can steal models' images and impersonate them to defraud unaware people. 


Furthermore, NYC escorts are productive members of Manhattan society who perform a variety of duties. To illustrate, High-Class Companions NYC have 9 to 5 jobs, families, and run businesses not related to the adult entertainment industry. For these reasons, they want to keep their escort activities private. 


In general, the main reasons for blurring models' faces are personal integrity and privacy protection for clients and models.


Members-Only Access to Unblur Images and Exclusive Galleries

New York City Escorts GFE is proud to offer its members full access to model albums and exclusive galleries. Without a doubt, loyal members enjoy unblurred images, private pictures, and extra benefits to reward their support. Members enjoy the ultimate concierge service and a sea of benefits specially created as a sign of acknowledgement and appreciation. Besides, NYC escorts' attention to detail and legendary devotion to pleasing their clients reach a new level for our members' services.


It is critical to understand that Manhattan escort services provide a tailored date for each client. Moreover, our dating specialist designs a unique experience for each encounter and treats each client as the king of the world. If you are booking your first service or you belong to our elite member club, your satisfaction is our main goal. You do not need to be a member of our private clubs to make an appointment or to receive the royal treatment. 


How to Become a New York City Escort GFE Private Club Member

NYC Escorts Private club membership used to be reserved for our most distinguished clients. Thus, the application was by invitation only. However, right now, we have a VIP membership level open for current clients and the public. The application process is fast and easy.


  1. If you are a client or repeat customer, you can contact us at Request Access. Our team will review your information and, after corroborating it, you will get a VIP membership.
  1. New clients have two options. On one hand, booking an escort NYC date. Afterwards, per the client's request, our team will review the model´s feedback and grant a VIP membership. On the other hand, new clients can apply for VIP membership by making a $500 deposit, which can be used as partial payment for our escorts NY services.  


NYC Escorts VIP membership is a tremendous opportunity to become a member of an exclusive club that provides amazing benefits. 


VIP Membership Advantages and Benefits

  • Full access to model profiles. The benefits of becoming a VIP member of escorts NYC stars by getting access to unblurred images. 
  • Private galleries and hidden models. Members could get access to exclusive galleries and a larger model selection, including some private models whose profiles are not publicly displayed. Hidden models work during particular seasons or limited time periods. Thus, private model images are not always available. 
  • Priority booking. Members enjoy a fast pass, which prioritizes their booking and model selection. Our dating specialist prioritizes member requests and bends over backwards to fulfill our members’ demands. 
  • Visiting escort alerts. Members that allow us to communicate with them receive alerts when new talents or visiting escorts are coming. Besides, members receive alerts and notifications when new talents are added to our cast. 
  • Service promotions. Members enjoy promotions and hot deals.
  • Last-minute deals. Our marketing department is always finding new ways to reward our clients' preferences. 
  • Private events. Our select members enjoy private events designed to reward our most loyal clients.


Membership in the Ultra Elite Status

NYC Escorts' Ultra Elite Membership is reserved for Notable Clients. An Ultra Elite membership level application is by invitation only. However, the good news is that we reward you for doing what you like the most. In general, the more services you book, the closer you get to being invited to join our Ultra Elite Membership Club. The Ultra Elite membership level opens a world of privileges and services beyond imagination. Our Ultra Elite members have exclusive access to celebrity and hidden model galleries.In addition, Ultra Elite members can choose celebrities and top models from around the world. The benefits of the Ultra Elite membership level include all the VIPs plus dozens more. 


Are Model Images Altered or Edited?

The only editing or alteration our model images go through is face blurring for security and privacy reasons. Escorts NY have mesmerizing beauty and oozing sex appeal that could drive any man crazy on Earth. Altering images or using any kind of software is not necessary when working with naturally beautiful women. By all means, our models are mesmerizing. According to our clients’ reviews, most of our models are more beautiful and charming in person than in their pictures. Besides, clients are our main advertisement. We gain clients by referral. Consequently, we work hard to build and maintain an honest and reliable relationship with our exclusive and demanding clientele.


Why does every model seem to Be a catwalk model?

High Class Companions NYC escorts are highly competitive. Manhattan is a financial hub that attracts people from every country in the world. Thus, to be an upscale courtesan, the candidate must be extremely beautiful, with an exceptional body, a killer personality, and above the standard of social manners and sophistication. With this in mind, the escort NY selection criteria are tougher than most premier national pageants. Consequently, genuine luxury introductory services offer only stunning women to their clientele. To clarify, we work with the most alluring and sophisticated women that most people could meet in their life.


Why Do High-Class Companions NYC Keep Low Profiles?

Being blessed with outstanding beauty and a perfect body is more than enough to catch everybody’s eyes in every room. As a result, escorts NYC learn from childhood to act modestly and avoid unnecessary attention. Basically, models are the centre of attention in any meeting, which creates permanent limitations on self-expression. Therefore, to work as an adult entertainer for the most successful men on the planet, models must learn to keep a low profile at all times. Discretion is the golden rule for powerbrokers, CEOs, and successful men. Keep in mind that the majority of our clients have wives and are politically exposed people. 


Discretion and privacy are crucial to creating the relaxing atmosphere needed to get the most from the date. Not only do clients want to be able to leave behind them what happened during an encounter, but also, NY escorts need to avoid calling attention to themselves to prevent guests from recognizing their faces. To repeat, the less recognizable a model's face is, the better for her and her clients’ safety. Furthermore, the client’s privacy and well-being are priorities for the agency and models. Legitimate introductory agencies guarantee clients' privacy and safety. One of our goals is that clients can go out with our models without any risk of our model being recognized as a companion woman.


What Is the Main Difference Between Members and the Public?

Escorts NY are professional companions that always devote all their energies to pleasing each client. Similarly, our agency treats customers with the utmost consideration and respect, as well as each person who contacts us. For instance, if somebody is looking for a first-time booking, we gladly provide it. Our representatives deliver consistent five-star customer service to all. Moreover, professional companions render exceptional services 100% of the time. Regardless of who you are or if this is your first booking or your 200th booking for the season, escorts NY consider their current client as the most important person in the world. Naturally, members enjoy unique treats designed to celebrate them and to acknowledge their continuous support.


The main difference is that members get access to more features while enjoying rewards for doing what they like the most. To enumerate, members get access to more models, private galleries, priority booking, and dozens of rewards year-round. 


Tired of Blurring Images

Take advantage of the VIP membership and become a member of the best NYC escort agency right now. Enjoy richer pictures with crystal clear details, carefully curated for your models' assessment. Contact us now and start your VIP membership application. Keep in mind that booking services can help you get your VIP membership faster.