Who Is More Attractive And Sensual, Blondes Or Brunettes?

New York City escort agency date's specialists always get the same question: which women are hotter or more appealing. Clients, journalists, and psychologists often wonder which women are the most wanted or which stereotype gets more dates. During the first decade of the XXI century, blonde women were the Hollywood stereotype; thus, they dominated American men's fantasies. However, the wide diversity of stunning women led to a dramatic change in men's preferences. When you ask who are more attractive and sensual, blondes or brunettes, the answer can be very different.

Can a woman's hair color increase her physical attractiveness?

Several studies made by human behavioral specialists reported that a particular woman's hair color could increase her physical attractiveness. Nevertheless, the preferred hair color varies from one region to another. It is one of the less common tints among the selected social group. For instance, in France, blonde women receive more courtship solicitations than others do. However, French men prefer brunet NYC escorts, and they almost exclusively hire brunette NYC escort services. 


In The USA, female blonde servers and bartenders receive more tips and better general treatment than any other tints. But, the preferences for NYC escorts' hair color are virtually tied in the Empire State. Both NYC escorts, blonde and brunette, receive the same number of solicitations for luxury escort services at the top NYC escort agencies. Manhattan clients love diversity, and they are frequently looking for a new treat. The number of blonde NYC escort services requests may be higher among foreigners or tourists visiting the big apple. 

Fundraisers don't take risks and hire all hair color women to go door to door asking for donations. However, blond women receive more money donations regardless of the campaign nature or the neighborhood socioeconomic status. NYC escorts work for hundreds of Manhattan fundraisers events, and all of them collect staggering amounts of donations. Therefore, the hair color may work differently when you are approached by an alluring NYC escort with a perfect hourly glass body. Their down-to-earth and friendly attitude and their overconfidence may help.


The race to discover the most attractive women's phenotypes to men is far from over; currently, in New York City, there are no universal stereotypes. In fact, diversity and a rainbow of options are becoming the norm for most men across the States. For these reasons, our NYC escort agency leaves the final choice to our clientele. Free from any judgment, we proudly introduce gorgeous blonde-haired women or mesmerizing brunettes according to our client's requests. Regardless of personal preferences, any NYC escort will provide the best experience any man could dream of during a date.

Which Hair Color Induces the Strongest Physical Attraction?

The national trend changes periodically, and depending on the city or region, there used to be always one favorite. To avoid any potential distortion or bias for the other physical aspects of personality traits. A field study makes, wear different color wings with similar hairstyles to volunteers and send them to clubs and bars on the same day in different weeks. When women wear the blonde wings, they receive a higher number of solicitations and free drinks offers than the other. Nevertheless, when the models wear the brunette wings, men approach them more politely. On the other hand, NYC escorts go out in groups; they are blondes, brunettes, blacks, and red-haired women. No matter the place or the occasion, they catch everybody's attention and get dozens of solicitations. 


According to the field study, blonde-haired women get the initial strongest physical attraction for mates. However, for relationships and more than a one-night stand, brunettes impressed to be the favorites. By all means, this study is referential and not conclusive since many factors could interfere. NYC escorts natural hair colors are in any tint imaginable. All of them possess a natural beauty and body shape to die for it. 

Don't Take Anybody's Words Test for Yourself. 

Each elite companion woman has a wonderful personality and the best client-oriented skills you can find in any person. NYC escorts maintain well-toned bodies, blemishless skin, tremendous attitude, and impeccable outfits at all times. Also, as professional adult entertainers, they establish rapport in minutes and create a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Clients' amusement and enjoyment are the top priority of each companion woman during an encounter.


To find the answer to the dilemma of who is hotter or more appealing between blondes and brunettes, you must date a couple of women from each group. Our agency can introduce you to delightful women with any desired physical attribute. No matter the preferences, we can find a perfect match for every encounter. Afterward, when you finish the encounters with at least two or three blondes and the same number of brunettes, you can decide if there is any difference or who is hotter.


Any Fantasy Is Possible; NYC Escort Agency Can Make It Happen 

Important to realize, NYC escorts can impersonate or duplicate any assigned role model, including changing their hair color and style. NYC escorts provide more than companionships. They give a live-action fantasy in which the client takes part. Consequently, when a client wants to date a particular model, he can request a different tint or a specific outfit. Our NYC agency will do its best to accommodate most requests and fulfill a client fantasy. Not to mention, our models are outstanding actresses, and they keep their role for the entire encounter duration.

Same woman, Different Tint for You to Choose

Using an upscale introductory agency allows you to date your preferred women and change or modify their physical attributes. Dating the same group of NYC escorts with different hair colors or tints will give you a final answer to your quest. For your subsequent appointments, you should choose the models that you like and book them for consecutive dates. It is critical to realize that clients can request that the selected escort NYC wears a particular hair color during the encounter while making an appointment. Thus, the same model wearing a different tint on each occasion gives the client the opportunity to assess his preferences.  


Some of the advantages of dating the same women but with different hair color are:

  • First, you will discover if blonde or brunettes are more appealing to you. Indeed, dating the same women but requesting them to wear a different hair color eliminates possible confusing characteristics. Experiencing the exact escorts NYC but with varying hair colors is the best scientific approach for this matter.
  • Second, since you are dating the same woman, you can decide if a woman's hair color changes your perceptions or a woman's attitude. Of course, Escorts NY are always fun, friendly, easygoing, detail-oriented, with an alluring face and sensational attitude. Besides, independent of their assigned role, they will act and behave like a deeply in love girlfriend. Thus, you can eliminate attitude and personality differences when assessing women's hair color.
  • Third, you enjoy an excellent escort NY encounter free from tension or negative expectations by changing the tint without any other modification.

A Bespoken Encounter in every Occasion

Upscale New York City escort services give you the freedom to customize your experience any way you want it. The sandbox features transfers to clients the encounter design. It translates that clients can choose models' outfits, companions' hair colors, assigned role, encounter duration, and the venue for the date. Thus, clients experience a tailored encounter that exceeds their highest expectations during each service. To emphasize, clients can date only a particular woman or a group of models with unique characteristics.


The significant advantage of tailoring each NYC escort service is that clients receive what they want without deviation from their plan. Besides, clients don't need to apologize for their preferences or requirements. Thus, they can disclose their unique tastes in a judgment-free environment and discard any model that they don't find irresistibly sexy. Blondes or Brunettes there are not more appealing and charming women than NYC escorts. Without questions, you can choose your favorite one. 

Can a Hair Color Make a Woman Hotter?

The general opinion impresses to remain split because the answer reflects preferences, and preferences change from time to time. Besides, personality traits and personal attitude make a notorious impact on men's perception creating big confusions. Another key point is that when women change their hair color or style, they may embrace a new attitude transformation. According to our Manhattan escort agency manager, most women act sexier when they are blonde. Also, couple counselors and therapists reported that after divorce or breakup, some women reinvent themselves. The new version of newly single women tends to be more sexually aggressive and seductive than before. The changes include hairstyle and color, a new wardrobe, and a new public persona that summarizes the social stereotypes. 


To clarify, from a scientific perspective, it is almost impossible to separate physical appearance from women's personality and attitude. In the USA, blondes are strongly associated with parties, relaxed personalities, and sensual attitudes that incite higher solicitations from potential male mates. Although the confusion leads to misconceptions and stereotypes, men consider that they have more chances to get lucky with blondes in some areas. Unfortunately, once a stereotype becomes popular or widespread, people tend to assume it as factual truth. 


It is safe to confirm that some women change their attitudes based on their hair color from general observations. Moreover, blonde women tend to act sexier and more provocative towards men than other groups do. But, when a blonde woman goes through her personal rediscovery or transformation, she can become brunette and behave wilder or more conservative than before. NYC escorts agreed that the most critical attribute to be sexier and increase one's sex appeal is attitude.


To point out, women's attitude is the most important aspect of attractiveness and sexiness independently of women's hair color. Attitude is the crucial element for everything, including attractiveness and finding new mates. NYC escort positive attitude is one of the main reasons that men find them hypnotizing. 

Can Hair Color Affect Woman Personality?

Women's behavior is complex; it follows intricate patterns that mix beliefs, values, social norms, and inherited culture. Experiments demonstrated that human beings act differently depending on several environmental factors, including self-image and self-perception. Thus, a particular tint or even dressing smart or wearing a nice outfit may modify a woman's attitude. It is essential to understand, attitude is different from personality. NYC escorts have a tremendously positive attitude at all times. Besides, their personalities are generous and gregarious. Notice that attitude changes easily. It is a personal response to a situation.


On the other hand, personality encompasses the combinations of character traits, beliefs, principles, intellectual capacities, among other things. As you may notice by now, it is improbable that any hair color changes or modifies a woman's personality. Nevertheless, according to NYC escorts, maintaining a positive attitude every day for a couple of weeks can change the personality. Besides, a positive attitude opens doors for new opportunities and new collaborations.

Why Hair Color Is Critical For Attractiveness 

Mating is a primitive motivation that ensures the species survival. NYC escorts are so attractive because they personify beauty and health. Humans' survival depends on their capacity to find healthy partners that can produce healthy and strong offspring. With this in mind, some physical attributes may indicate women's general health and reproductive fitness. For eons, males rely on women's hair as an indication of their reproductive fitness and general health. Furthermore, Women's hair is a secondary sexual characteristic, and it needs high levels of estrogens to grow. As an illustration, estrogens are female hormones that signal the woman may be capable or ready for reproduction. 


The first thing to remember, attraction roots lie in the possibility that a female partner can get pregnant from the male who feels attracted to her. Besides, a salon's perfect hair is a signal of good personal hygiene and the woman's educational level, which improves her motherhood score. Certainly, not everybody is looking for a life partner or for a mother for his sons. Still, from a biological standpoint, those attributes are paramount for attractiveness. Thus, NYC escorts are salon perfect 24/7 with clean, pleasant smelling, and radiant hair that increases their staggering sex appeal. Escorts NYC are the living representation of the ideal woman.

Different Hair Color Different Genes  

Different hair color may be a visible indication signaling a separate gene pool, which reduces the risk for familial or hereditary diseases. Before the XX century, women couldn't tint their hair or change their natural hair color. Thus, a different hair color, particularly one from a minority tint, signals that a person may come from a different group. Consequently, a different tint may be the ideal mate to get a healthy offspring, free from any disease that runs on families in a specific location. To repeat, biological and elemental motivation have a notorious impact on men's preferences, including labeling women as hot or sexy. NYC escorts understand this, and they take advantage of their natural unique hair colors to captivate their clientele. 

When Hiring NYC Escorts, You Can Have Both ways.

The final choice is on the client. Upscale Manhattan escort agencies ensure that each client fulfills his fantasies. Although the natural hair of our exquisite models is fascinating, NYC escort can wear a different tint per client request. The results are impressive; our NYC escorts are divine and look splendid with any dye or style. Therefore, clients can choose any woman they like and change her hair color any way they want. Preferences and tastes don't need any justification. Clients can have both ways and even more when hiring escorts Manhattan. 

Who Are the Winners Blondes or Brunettes?

NYC escorts have an open mind about the idea that a hair color makes a woman sexier than others do. Our models think that any woman can become sexier, hotter, or more attractive if she wants to do it. Wearing the proper outfit and displaying the right attitude can significantly impact. Based on the opinion of NYC escorts, the right attitude is pivotal for attractiveness and sexiness. Besides, acting feminine and sophisticated increases women's attractiveness. Nevertheless, an NYC escort service is about fantasies and preferences. Our models don't have any problem dressing up or wearing a different hair color to fulfill client requirements. 


The public opinion on who is sexier depends on the geographical location in which you ask. In New York City, the two groups are virtually tied, but in Los Angeles, blondes are the winners. Indeed, in California, Florida, and Texas, the public accepts the stereotype that a blonde tint makes any woman sexier. However, reducing women's attractiveness to a single physical aspect may be an oversimplification. On the other hand, NYC escorts believe that clients' tastes and opinions are the only ones that matter. If a client wants to date only blondes, it is entirely natural, or if the client wants to meet only brunettes, that is ok too. For New York City escorts, client satisfaction without any hassle is the goal of their services.