Making An Appointment

Upscale businesses, similar to any reputed New York City escort agency, required making an appointment to enjoy its services. Our exclusive NYC escorts models only take a few dates per season. Therefore, planning is critical to ensure that your selected escort NYC will be available to meet you on your request date. We are aware that sometimes our distinguished clientele requires a last-minute companion. Besides, occasionally business dinning, gala events, the opera, or a Broadway show getaway can be unexpected. Unfortunately, although our Manhattan escort agency bent over backward to find a last-minute companion, most of the time, our hands are tied.

Why Luxury Manhattan Escorts Do Require Making an Appointment?

New clients sometimes don’t understand the difference between a luxury NYC escort service and everything else. Our NYC escort agency is an introductory agency for discerning and above successful men. Important to realize, we cater to the elite global society. Besides, our Manhattan escort agency represents the most exclusive women, and for any given time, we only have a few models available.

Our models are the ultimate aristocratic XXI century courtesans with full and exciting lives. They are college students, catwalk models, entrepreneurs, among other things. Consequently, they must follow a very tight schedule. Furthermore, before providing an NYC escort service, models devote a lot of time and effort to look spectacular and breathtaking for their dates. If you want to date a real princess, you must plan.

Our Manhattan escort services are generally provided to high class and refined individuals. Our clientele lifestyle is well structured, and most of them, plane every single minute of their lives. Thus, they can anticipate when and where they will need an NYC escort service. Also, most successful men are assertive and demanding. They know what they want and whom they want it.

For this reason, a luxury NYC escort agency works by appointment only. No to mention, time is pricey, and VIPs need to be always productive. On the same token, our clientele hires NYC escort services for the entire night or the weekend.

Our Manhattan escorts are freelancer courtesan during their free time

As the article mention above, our NYC escort agency represents empowered women, who run businesses, works as financial consultants, do commercial modeling, and much more. The truth is, they work as escorts NYC only during their free time from their formal jobs. Of course, any of our gorgeous NY escorts receive dozens of offers for working the entire year. Indeed, often our escorts NY receive proposals to become the trophy wives of successful men and never need to work a day again. Nevertheless, our models love and enjoy their job.

Important to realize, Manhattan escort plan every single hour of their time. They follow an unchangeable schedule with well-defined agendas. Also, they must be beyond organized to be able to manage and meet the rigorous demands of our New York City escort agency. Therefore, if you want to date a particular model, you must make an appointment in advance to ensure she will be available to date you. Besides, any professional or provider requires making an appointment to get their professional services and luxury courtesans are not the exception.

For how long should I make an appointment?

The right answer to this question is personal and depends on individual preferences, needs, and limitations. The vast majority of our clientele make two days appointments. Of course, a  week-long or longers periods are not an unusual request for our New York City escort agency. The golden rule is making an appointment for an extra  20 or 30%, then estimated time. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of every minute in the company of a sensual goddess.

Now, if you are looking for 30 minutes date, we are sure you are at the wrong New York City escort agencies website. By all means, we understand that newcomers are afraid to be disappointed by the real model appearance or her attitude and personality. Under house circumstances, let us reassure you, each and every picture of our gallery belongs to the named model and are accurate and recent. Sharing any moment with a high-end New York City escort is an opportunity to be treated like the last man on earth. Also, our models have gregarious personalities, they are down to earth, and love to talk. Besides, as soon as the models arrive times flies fastest than ever, and clients always want more time.

Making an Appointment may allow you to find hourly dates.

 We understand that high profile men don't like to eat o been seen alone. Consequently, dinning dates or accompanying dates for an event can be managed by our luxury courtesans. Indeed, our escort New York City loves to go to one of the great variety of restaurants that Manhattan offers.

Consequently, to cover our clientele's different needs and requests, we do offer a few hourly dates. As you may expect, a truly Luxury NewYork City escort agency must be able to deliver the service their clients needs. We are proud to put or client satisfaction first and develop all out escort services NYC to fulfill this purpose. Call us as soon as you need us and our entire company will work to facilitate your request. In fact, most of the time we can help you make any dream comes true. The point to keep in consideration is that time is paramount to avoid any inconvenience with an already booked girl.

On the same token, we highly recommend for newcomers to make a least a two hours appointments to avoid any denial. In addition, we have one of the most selected groups in town reserved for our elite members. They enjoy extra benefits not available to others. Although NYC escort services are offered to newcomers, it is impossible to get the same level of benefits as our distinguished members.

Booking a Hotel Date with a NYC Escort

New York City has dozens of five stars hotels in which NYC escort services can be provided. You must have a paid hotel room confirmation to make the booking. Besides, you have to wait for your model at the hotel bar or at the restaurant. After the model arrives, welcome her ànd handle the full payment inside an open envelope or gift back during the first five minutes. Then, you can share a drink and go to your room. Keep in mind time flies when in the company of a spectacular woman and you must manage it.

Booking a dinning Date

Actually, our escorts NYC love to go out for dining. Important to realize, they are real food critics and know most of the sophisticated NYC restaurants including those awarded with Michelin Stars. Thus, if you want to overindulge yourself there is no better partner than a gorgeous foodie woman. Sharing food or watching her eating while she is oozing sex appeal is just an out of this world experience. Of course, you will be the envy of the entire room. Besides, if you are unsure about where you should go out NYC escorts are above experts Manhattan tour guide. You can follow their recommendations and be confident that they know trendy restaurants and the best author cuisine in town. However, if you are looking for ethnic food or feel adventurous to try an exotic cuisine, your best gal will be by your side at all times.

Of course, similar to our prestigious New York City Escort agency a reservation is mandatory to get a table at any of the best or trendy restaurants. In fact, some places require booking two to three months in advance. The reason for such long periods is their quality, uniqueness, and their ability to exceeds  their clients' expectations. Upscale men are absolutely custom to plan their life and set the time for any activity.

Booking a clubbing date

You want to enjoy life and release all the accumulated tension on your shoulder by dancing the night out. Look no more, showing by the side of a stunning Manhattan escort will open every club door for you. Their easy-going personalities and their spontaneity can ensure a night of fun and mutual enjoyment. Drinking should be limited while in the company of a courtesan model to avoid any rudeness or mistreatment, but as long as you behave like an educated gentleman you could burn the world on fire. Although,.your satisfaction and enjoyment is our model mission, you must treat her like the princess she really is.

If you only want to enjoy a nice martini or a good brandy, our escort Manhattan know the best roofs bars. Sure,.they can recommend you the best place that suits your needs or the latest mixer's creations for you to try them. The wide variety of styles and places provides a significant number of options. Now if you have never been at the Manhattan roof's bar you are missing the city soul. As you may expect, you may need to make a reservation to get a place or even to go in, at the most famous one.

How long in advance should I make an appointment?

The best recommendation from our NYC escort dating specialist is as early as possible. Any well-organized person will book his NYC escort service as soon as he learns he will need it. On the other hand, booking your model with a week or more is appropriate for most occasions. Is critical to understand, the longer you wait the less probable that your selected model can provide the service. On the same token, last-minute calls are gambling with the odds against you. Time management is pivotal to enjoy high-end services and all our clients are aware of it.

Booking up-scale Manhattan escort by phone.

Clients can make an appointment or booking a luxury Manhattan escort service by phone. To do so clients have to call any of the numbers on our website and talk to one of our friendly representatives. Once the model is booked, she is no longer available for ànother date. For security reasons, calling is the best manner to book your model.

Will be the selected model the same woman showing up for the date?

Absolutely YES, honesty and transparency are the two columns in which trust is built. Our escort agency NYC devotes all its effort to gain and keep client trust and satisfaction. Your selected models with identical face and body as her picture from our gallery will be the woman you will meet. On exceptional occasions, the model could have an accident or catch a cold, which prevents her from working. In such a scenario, you will be contacted as early as possible and informed about the events. Afterward, the agency will offer a reprogrammation or another model, who please you.

Living in the excellence is the norm for the upscale men.

Luxury New York City escort services deliver a tailored experience designed to impress those who have watched everything.

Booking in advance facilitates our Manhattan escort agency's entire operation. Helping us to deliver the best service available in the USA. Some of the benefits of booking in advance are:

  • Clients have more models available to choose from.
  • Clients can make a wide variety of requests to recreate their fantasies.
  • clients are overconfident that there will be no unpleasant last-minute surprise and the entire date will go as planned.
  • Our models can adjust their schedules to deliver the best service during the booked time.
  • Our security department can perform the mandatory security checks to approve the service.
  • Our shutter can plan to transport your model from her home to our agency, then, to your designated location, and pick her up, and finally to her home.
  • Our dating specialist can make the arrangements to fulfill your desires and particular preferences such as role-playing, reservations, Charter flies, boat rentals, among other things.