Dirty Talks Etiquette

Sexual attraction is the most powerful human motivation and energy driver. The human brain prioritizes sexual desire over any other interest and devotes all its resources to fulfil it. Sexual arousal produces intense mental and physical changes stopping worries and preparing the body to achieve the highest possible pleasure. Dirty talks can turn anybody on in seconds, but you must be careful to avoid awkward feelings or unwelcome answers. To learn how to incite and involve a partner in dirty talks and sexual games, our New York City escort agency curates a guide to help you.

What Are Dirty Talks?

Dirty talks are taken in a manner that produces sexual tension and sexual arousal in those involved in the conversation. Some people think that dirty talk exclusively refers to talking about sexual acts in explicit ways. Although explicit sexual acts decryptions is a type of dirty talk, there are many others. New York City Escorts clarify that dirty talks don´t need to be always sexually explicit; they can have different components. 


Moreover, NYC escorts confirm any conversation or words that produce sexual arousal, even when subtle are dirty talks. Similar to all human activities, the approach varies depending on several cultural and social factors. Of course, the tone increases at some point in the conversation, and the vocabulary becomes more explicit or graphic. 

Why Are Dirty Talks Important?

The sexual pleasure experimented by a person is directly proportional to the sexual stimulation reached during the experience. Thus, the most crucial body part to stimulate to achieve the highest pleasure is the brain. In fact, dirty talking activates the whole brain more intensely than intercourse or physical touch alone does. NYC Escorts report that using their voice and talking seductively is a delivering pleasure bulletproof technique. Besides, people very much enjoy seductive talking. 


  • Promotes Sexual Communication. Couples who use sexual games are more prone to communicate their sexual concerns and worries. Thus, dirty talk facilitates that partners find a safe place to have open conversations. Escorts NY appreciate that men share their fears and expectations, which support them to understand them.
  • Decreases Sexual Apprehension. Sexual apprehension is the inability to express one´s sexual preferences and desires. Sexuality, sex, and pleasure talks are still taboos nowadays, and those are frequent sources of anxiety and social dysfunctionality. Manhattan escorts corroborate that people who engage in dirty talks build up their confidence and share their sexual desires. Besides, talking about desires or a particular topic decreases the shame and apprehension associated with it. 
  • Learn What Each Partner Want or Enjoy During Sex. Dirty talking opens the doors of sincere communication. Each partner can communicate what she wants or desires to experiment with during a sexual encounter. Besides, she can lead her partner to perform the touches or stimulate the areas that she enjoys the most. Elite escorts NYC said, knowing what your partner likes and dislikes ensures both parties take the most from the encounter.  
  • Free Expression of Sexual Desires. Having the opportunity to say what you want to do, where and when is a potent sexual stimulus for lovers. Escorts New York City consider that fantasies and imaginations are the fuel for love and passion. Even experienced and mature lovers enjoy receiving a call or a message from their partners with sexual insinuations. 
  • Ignites Women Passion. Passion and desire are fragile emotions that require permanent care. High-Class Companions NYC advice to communicate as often as possible how much someone enjoys intimacy with the other. Women are emotional beings. Thus, reassuring them that you feel attracted and aroused by them turns them on.

Why You Must Learn How to Dirty Talk

According to sexologists and psychologists’ data, up to 90% of women reported that they have stopped a sexual encounter due to inappropriate talk from their lovers. The most frequent complaint among women is disgusting comments, which are an absolute turnoff. Besides, the particular preferences and the lack of a common ground make it difficult to use a universal recipe for all. To emphasize, New York City Escorts recommend using a gradual approach and be vigilant of the responses. Furthermore, if you have not tried it before, you have to start at PG13. You can go wild and become as explicit as it can be, only after your partner shows approval or participates in it.

Select Your Words and Set Your Tone

Planning is paramount to ensure an enjoyable experience. Escorts NY said that clients frequently don´t know what to say or how to have explicit talks. Indeed, people confuse profanities and insults with sensual conversations. Under no circumstances, your partner should feel insulted or degraded unless you agree to practice Erotic humiliation. The first step is to select a group of words, which your partner will welcome. To clarify, when using degrading adjectives or words with negative meaning, you must be careful to not overuse them or hurt your feelings.


  • Make a List of Words. The words used or selected should have a strong erotic component and stimulate all members´ minds. Since most men repeat what they see or listen to from movies and Television, writing down and curating a list of sentences and words is helpful. New York City Escorts recommend starting with soft, highly suggestive words, preventing hardcore ones until your partner actively participates. Creativity is the key. Elite Escorts NYC suggest mixing sexual explicit vocabulary with tender words. 
  • Narration. You can use several adjectives and describe how you feel or what you want to perform or receive. Telling your mate what you wanted her to do to you is a decisive turn on. Besides, describing how much you like a body part or how you feel aroused by a particular touch or movement. Also, telling what you are doing or receiving with an excited voice and whispering in the ears can be erogenous. According to NY escorts, listening to the mate's voice whispering while kissing or touching them drives women crazy. According to Escorts New York City, getting descriptive is the safest and more efficient form of dirty talk.

Know your partner

Before practicing any dirty talk, New York City Escorts recommend knowing your partner's opinion on the matter. Not everybody is into the same practice. Thus, what could be stimulating for someone may be offensive for others. NYC Escorts' good rule of thumb is to use subtle language initially and watch the woman's response before becoming more explicit. Keep in mind that calling names, referring to your mate as a prostitute or using profanities can turn her off. Based on elite escorts NYC, derogatory words are rarely welcome or stimulating unless practicing erotic humiliation. 

Always Follow a Stepwise Approach 

New York City escorts said following common sense, and essential good manners are the best compass to set your limits. When applying common sense to sexual games, it means to see the world the way your mates see it. Thus, you have to take an incremental approach and start with descriptions and suggestive language. Suggestive language gives you a world of possibilities for eroticism and foreplay. It is critical to realize that you become more explicit only after you corroborate your mate's participation in the sexual game. 


Manhattan escorts advise using the same approach to other social interactions. After you become close and enter into confidence with your mate, you can use all types of languages. As long as your mate agrees and participates in the sexual game. However, avoid using or repeating some sentences that most women find unpleasant, e.g. where did you learn to do it? You are definitely a “hoke.. whor…, slu…, cum slu…, Tram…, among other words. Of course, calling them names can turn some women on, but you need to be careful to avoid awkward situations. 

When to Start Dirty Talks

NYC escorts said there is not a time window or limitation to play. Thanks to smartphones, you can start at any moment that you want. Besides taking advantage of WhatsApp and SMS, there is virtually no time restriction. Most women enjoy erotic messages or conversations during the day outside the bedroom. In general, women enjoy being remembered or noticed during the day by their mates. In particular, women require more extended foreplay and significant mental stimulation. Thus, erotic conversation helps them to be ready for physical intimacy later on the day. 


According to Escort NYC, sending messages with erotic and sensual suggestions is an aphrodisiac activity. To repeat, women need to feel beautiful, wanted and sexy to enjoy a healthy sexual life. Therefore, after a couple of sensual or explicit messages, you must send a compliment or tender words. Associating sexuality, care, and love, in their messages or conversations makes the women's brains explode. Consequently, your sexual encounter will be more rewarding, and your mate will surprise you. Besides, the erotic chat may become spicier. 

Can I use Dirty Talk with New York City Escorts?

Our Escort Agency NYC clientele frequently requests this type of service. Indeed, several escort services NYC are hired just for erotic conversation and dirty talking. Before starting any explicit conversation or using any descriptive language, a client must ask for his escort NY permission. Not to mention proper etiquette is the sensible action when in public or surrounded by others. 


Hiring escort Service NYC to experience dirty talking and erotic conversation with an exhilarating woman is a common request. As a matter of fact, dirty talking is a frequent fantasy, which clients recreate or experiment with NYC escorts. You can make an appointment and request this escort service NYC during booking. By all means, if you want to try a bold approach or be extra spicy, it is essential to have your escort NY approval to avoid unpleasant moments. 

Should I use Erotic Talks with my Girlfriend or Partner?

According to sexual health specialists and sex therapists, more than 90% of women felt aroused by erotic talk or sex texting with their partners. The percentage of women who enjoy or want to engage in sexual games and dirty talk increases in the younger than 36 years old population. The proper erotic and sensual conversation can stimulate the parts of the brain in charge of producing pleasure and relaxation. Besides, good dirty talk facilitates female orgasm. In other words, the chances that your sexual partner wants you to do erotic talks are high.


Escorts Manhattan said, yes, your woman enjoys being seduced and taking part in sexual games with you. Every woman dreams of a seductive lover who cares for her and thinks about her outside the bedroom. Therefore, sexting or erotic talk with your partner can fortify the couple´s bonds. Escorts NY remind you that on top of the erotic conversation, you must show sign of love and care. Besides, you must send random texts or call your partner and say that you miss her or you like her so much. Escorts NY ensure that erotic talk can bring unthinkable pleasure and enjoyment for the couple when doing right. 


Furthermore, Sexual games offer hundreds of benefits for all the parties involved, according to High Class Companions NYC. Your partner can find refreshing and exciting erotic talks. Besides, once you allow your partner to express her preferences, you can serve her better. Moreover, erotic talks reignite the couple passion and can help to recover the initial spark. Escorts New York City confirm that your partner is the most interested in having a fulfilled sexual life. Thus, using erotic talks can assist you in providing better orgasm and more stimulation to her. 

How to Convince My Girlfriend to Dirty Talk

NYC Escorts recommend you to follow these article pieces of advice. The easiest way to convince your girlfriend is by requesting it directly. You must encourage your girlfriend to erotic talking to you by reporting how much it turns you on. Besides, you can start by telling her that you desire her so badly or that you like her so much. With this in mind, you can say that she looks so hot and how lucky you are to have her. Afterwards, you can describe how aroused she makes you or how you feel. At this point, you must evaluate her response, and if she looks pleasant, you can continue. Of course, you can ask her if she enjoys the auditory stimulation or prefers you to be quiet.