Classic Gifts All Woman Will Love.

Every woman dreams about having walk-in closets filled with designer clothes, dozens of handbags, and a myriad of jewelry accessories. No matter how many watches, perfumes, or pair of shoes a woman owns, there is always room for more. Finding an ideal gift to show your respect or consideration to a woman is a straightforward task when you follow their tastes. Of course, there is always somebody clueless about what women want that need extra help. In fact, it is one of the most frequent questions, men ask to NYC escorts.

We collected the answers from thousands of women to give you an accurate description of what is inside their hearts. To emphasize, the present article describes the items included in most women's wish list. In order to help the clueless ones hit right in the target with their significant ones, our NYC escort agency created this list. By following this curated list, you can be confident that your gift will be highly appreciated and never returned or exchanged. Manhattan escorts and Upscale women guarantee your success on every occasion.

Diamonds Are Woman Best Friends

Modern society uses symbols to show off their social status and intrinsic values. The women's hearts are pure, transparent, and filled with love. Also, their souls are charming, gentle, and mysterious to the outsiders but open to the chosen one. Consequently, diamonds represent all the female characteristics and reflect their beliefs. As an illustration, diamonds are forever. They are transparent, pure, and come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. In other words, diamonds represent women, steadfast love. Manhattan escorts love wearing diamond necklaces and tiaras. Deep in their hearts, every woman wants to be someone's queen. 

Tiffany and Co. jewelry display is the one-stop-shop. You can make a close eye selection from any of the diamonds on the yard collection by Elsa Peretti accessories. Of course, New York escorts are supper fans of its diamonds necklace and pendants. You can find them in every color, shape, and price. Moreover, you can select from silver, gold, or platinum.

The Jewel of the Crown Every Woman Desires

Jewelry is another safe bet for almost any woman in the western hemisphere. Probably the custom to wear ornaments and shinning objects started when we were cavemen. By all means, wearing jewelry is a sign of power, prestige, and success nowadays. Besides, most females feel empowered and more confident when they wear jewelry. New York City has one of the most affluent society in history, and jewels are ever-present. Manhattan escorts admire the craftsmanship and talent of goldsmiths, who create intricate designs. In particular, gold bracelets are the preferred jewelry accessory of escorts Manhattan.

Bracelets are an excellent option. Of course, you can choose other metal than yellow gold, such a pink gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. Although bracelets are fascinating, you must restrain from buying too big or too wide bracelets. Not every woman finds band bracelets appealing, and nobody wants to impersonate wonder woman. Another key point, you can go for a nice pair of earrings, necklaces, or pendants. NYC escorts always wear earrings, and they say that you never have enough earrings. Necessary to realize, earrings are discrete and functional accessories, women can wear them for any occasion.

Love at first smell, fragrances and perfumes are fabulous gifts.

Women are self-conscious 24/7. Looking saloon perfect and wearing impeccable outfits are just the beginning. A woman's scent is paramount for all females on the planet, and they devote a lot of effort to it. Giving perfumes as gifts can be challenging if you go with the new products or television ads. On the negative side, some people consider fragrances too personal to give as gifts. However, opting for the classics, those scents that have passed the probes of time, can get you a hit. In our escort agency NYC, perfumes are part of everybody lockers and briefcases.  

NYC escorts always are wearing upscale classic perfumes leaving a soft footprint behind them. As sophisticated women, escorts NYC recommend Chanel No. 5 as the safest perfume to give as a gift. Chanel No. 5 has almost 100 years on the market, and its pleasant fragrance never gets outdated. Besides, Chanel No. 5 is suitable for any type of person.

Other extraordinary fragrances and perfumes options are:

  • Private Collection I by Clive Christian 
  • Salimar by Guerlain
  • Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
  • Carnal Flower by Frédéric Malle
  • God Girl by Carolina Herrera
  • Hallure by Yves Saint Laurent
  • L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

The previous list is safe; you cannot go wrong with any of those. NYC escorts think women always need a new discrete citric or fruity scent.

Let the time guides you.

A wristwatch is a fantastic option for housewives and working women. Wristwatches come in any imaginable designs, color, style, and material. Besides, everybody needs to track time in this fast-paced city. Furthermore, a designer wristwatch gives you the aura of power, status, and sophistication. The wristwatch has the utmost importance for Escorts NYC. Also, our escort agency NYC publicists think that people share the same prestigious as their wristwatches. A point often overlooked, mechanical and upscale watches can take years to finish and adjust all their precise moving parts. For example, a Patek Philippe watch has one of the most intricate mechanisms for any machine produce. 

Choosing the best watch for the personality type and preferences of a woman is a daunting task. To play safe, you can go with Cartier and Longines, which models are always exquisite. They exhibit their masterful craftsmanship in every piece. With these two brands, you don't have to worry about dial sizes and styles. On the positive side, you need to select only three main features for the wristwatch. First, the dial shape from round, rectangular, or contemporary. Second, leather or metal wristbands. Finally, which metal steel, gold, or platinum. Escorts NYC die for Cartier watches.

The world in one pocket

Designers' Handbags are among the all-time favorite and popular items in the women's wish list. Also, handbags are versatile accessories; women use them with different outfits and styles. No matter how many handbags a woman owns, she will always find a dozen more. The variety of designs, colors, materials, fabrics, shapes make the handbags option endless. Important to realize, NY escorts and women carry a whole word inside their bags, making this accessory crucial.

Choosing a Designer handbag is a no brainer activity. However, to be safe, you must select leather and dark colors if you are not sure about the woman's preferences. Most NYC escorts never provide an NYC escort service without a spectacular designer handbag.

You can select:

  • Clutches from Yves Saint Lawrence or Gucci
  • Satchels from Hermes
  • Hobo Bags from Chanel
  • Shoulder bags from Louis Vuitton

Clutches and Satchels handbags are the easiest to select, according to Escorts NYC.


Every woman in the world devotes energy and time to beauty treatments. At least one time per week, a woman requires applying several beauty treatments for hair, face, legs, and the overall skin. Also, even when you live alone, you want to warm up after leaving the bed or walk around the house. For these reasons, a robe is an extraordinary gift for women. NYC escorts can resist trying one a soft silk robe whenever possible. Besides, soft bathrobes are iconic of any five starts hotel and luxury spas. Thus, giving a luxury robe to a woman is a

Silk Robes

Silk or satin robes are always on the target. Women use Silk robes for lounging, after leaving the bed, applying, or removing makeup. As a matter of fact, every contemporary woman and each NY escort has silk robes as part of her wardrobe. CARINE GILSON silk robes are probably the best ones in the market. Sure, you can choose any bridal robe from Neumann Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Macy's, and those will work. By the way, the only precaution is to select a light color. If you know your significant one color’s pallet, you can choose black or anyone from it.


Egyptian or Turkish cotton bathrobe is the one you want. Before choosing any bathrobe, you must be sure it is soft and light. In addition, hooded bathrobes are best because it warms your entire body. Escorts NY love the Shambhala Spa robes.


Sunglasses similar to any other fashion item evolve of change with the season. The materials, colors, and shapes depending on the fashion trend. A new pair of designer sunglasses always comes handy. In Manhattan, women have dozens of them to complement their outfits and style. To point out, Manhattan escorts have their complete sunglasses collection and frequently receive compliments from other women during social gatherings.

Frames shapes and Materials

Sunglasses frames made of a noble metal are good options; you can choose gold, steel, platinum, or titanium. This year, high-end polymers (no plastic) are trendy. The critical point, you must select the lighter pair of sunglasses available, Shapes, and lens sizes are no worry anymore. Designer sunglasses come in any imaginable shape and frame size. In particular, most women prefer wide lens sunglasses for better protection. Escorts NY recommend wide sunglasses for any face shape because those are easier to wear. The critical point of any pair of sunglasses is the lens colors. A tip from an escort NY is to select dark color frames if you are no sure about her likes.

Dark color lens

Dark colors lens, black, brown, gray, blue, green are ideal for outdoor activities. Of course, darker shades are good for going to the beach, jogging, walking around the city. To emphasize, they are for sunlight and UV rays' protection in intense and moderate bright conditions. Point often overlooked, Brown and black lenses cause minor color distortion. However, gray, green, amber, and copper lenses don't cause color distortion. Our escort service NY planner recommends polarized sunglasses because women love mystery and want to hide their looks.

Amber or Copper Lenses Driving Sunglasses Lens

When you drive or want to distinguish color details, there is no other option than wearing Amber or Copper Lenses. Amber and copper lenses tint increase contrast and facilitate to see real colors under very bright conditions.

Luggage and Suitcase

An elegant and time resistant bag is always welcome. Selecting a designer suitcase is a no brainer gift choice. Women consider a long-lasting suitcase a good sign that the relationship is headed in the long run. NYC escort said that gifts are indications of the relationship expiration date. Therefore, when you give a suitcase present, the woman's heart warms up. You can pick a leather backpack from Louis Vuitton or a carry-on suitcase from any designer. Manhattan escorts consider the suitcase used by a woman denotes her personality's trait. Sure, a cute gym bag or a business Totten is a good option if the woman is sport-oriented and youthful.

Designer Shoes never get old.

Although guessing someone's size is tricky, there is no replacement for designer shoes in the woman's heart. High heels, Leather boots, cleats are never enough. If you know her shoe size, you can go to any high-end store and trust the designer criteria. The safest bet is a pair Louboutin High-heels. NYC escorts are huge fans of Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. To facilitate your selection, you can look for the following shoes' designer and trust in their collections.

  • Jimmy Choo
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Alexander Mcqueen
  • Channel
  • Giuseppe Zanotti
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Manolo Blahnik
  • Prada
  • Gucci
  • Valentino

The tips, advice, and recommendations presented in this article guarantee that your gift will be highly appreciated and right on the money. Regardless of the occasion or your intentions, when you give a present is paramount to consider the recipient likes. Without a doubt, you can go close eye, pick any item from our list and be sure you will impress and please the lucky lady. If you want an expert opinion, you can always hire a sophisticated NYC escort service to be your shopping guide.