Birthday Celebration

Human beings live from birth to death in a permanent recurring cycle. Each year has the same pattern, starting in a frozen January winter and ending in a frozen December winter. Also, most people have similar jobs, schedules, and even holidays. You can try, test yourself recalling the last 10 years of your life and find any peculiar event or occasion, which helps you differentiate each one. Sadly, most people can't even remember any difference at all. However, a memorable celebration or a party in which you enjoy yourself and relaxed so much that you feel rebooted always will stand out. A similar fulfillment sensation is what NYC escort service offer for your Birthday celebration.


Dinning at a Michelin Star for a birthday celebration.

Planning dining at a Michelin restaurant is the best kick-off for any night out. New Yorkers are the luckiest people in the world because the city has it all. Important to realize, that for foodies and gourmets, it is considered the promised land. New York City escorts agency can help you choose from the five three stars Michelin restaurant; a dozen two-star an about 53 one start. The wide variety can ensure you will find your dream place. One of the most exotic places in which you can mix travel, farm life, and the luxury of eating at a three stars Michelin restaurant is Stone Barns Blue Hill farm. Located in Pocantico Hills, New York. 


Stone Barns Blue Hill is a 50 minutes ride from Times Square and it offers a peculiar experience. Our escorts NYC love the menu combination and the pairing drinks. The diner takes from 4 to 5 hours and there are some walking rest. The main ingredients are fresh vegetables from its farm and exquisite charcuterie.


The diner contains 25 to 40 courses, during the experience the servers will suggest portion adjustments to the kitchen. The current price is 185$ per guest, and the wine list caters to every case and budget. Manhattan escorts recommend adding the pairing drinks option for 165$ to live the complete experience. You can make a reservation one week before on Wednesdays. Escort NY loves the casual ambiance and the relaxed atmosphere. Besides, just going out of Manhattan to the countryside is a rewarding experience. If driving concerns you, from Grand central it is only a 30 minutes trip on train plus a 10 taxi ride. Taking the train will help you save energy for the night.


Bring Friends to a Roof Bar

Taking advantage of the unbeatable party ambiance of a trendy roof bar is always a terrific option for your day. Our Manhattan escorts agency dating planner recommends making a reservation to skip the line and secure a table. The cocktails selection and the liquor list are unparalleled with something new every week. The party never ends at some of the trendy New York City Roof Bar. In fact, one of our escorts Manhattan birthday party lasts until 5:15 am at The Roof at 124 W 57th St. Everybody was beyond happy with the place deco and the ever ready service, the cocktails were delicious. 


Regardless of the kind of celebration you are looking for, a Roof Bar is always a place to go. You can spend some afternoon hours zipping and enjoying a vibrant atmosphere in the company of your escort NY. Afterward, the sky is the limit. Keep in mind that New York City is the city that never sleeps, and you can prove it. We have a curated list of the best NYC Roof Bar on our blog for you to select the one that suits you. 


A Broadway Show 

Any reason is a good one to enjoy a Broadway show. But, going to a show on your birthday will make you remember it for years to come. Musicals are energetic experiences that can revitalize you while entertain and relax. At our Escort agency New York City staff, the favorite shows are The Classic Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, The Lion King, Hamilton, The Book of Mormon. 


Our artist enthusiast escort NY recommends The Imbible Day Drinking, The Brunch Musical in which the drinks serve are part of the show. During the show, you can enjoy a tasty brunch and drinks. The ambiance is friendly and joyful in a comedy oriented musical. The musical describes the history of drinks and liquors as well as the history behind the most renowned cocktails. If you want to start your special day laughing it is a no brainer.


A weekend Gateway 

New Yorkers expend most of their time caged in apartments and offices, thus exploring the outdoors is always present in their minds. A weekend gateway offers fantastic destinations, which you can reach by car, train, shutter, or plane. You can select from beaches, valleys, historical towns, or natural wonders. Since New York is the world commercial hub the destinations are countless, in a couple of hours you can be anywhere. Escorts NYC take every opportunity to visit our national capital. Sure, they love to visit the Hamptons and enjoy beaches and restaurants. The Hamptons is probably the second most favorite gateway spot for New Yorkers. The place's popularity is well deserved based on the myriad of services available.


Washington DC. Reaching our nation capital can take 5 hours by car, or 3 hours by the Acela Express. The Acela Express departs from Penn Station starting at 3:15 am, to 7:40 pm, with more than 21 trips per day. The nation's capital living peace is slower and more enjoyable with plenty of activities to do. NYC escorts adore going to the National Museums located at The Mall, The Capitol, The White House, Lincoln Memorial. DC is considered the best walkable city in the Union. Besides, it has a colorful nightlife with entire neighborhoods filled with pubs, bars, restaurants, and clubs. 


One of the must-visit places is Adams Morgan neighborhood, where you will find more than 80 different clubs and bars. Also, Georgetown is the place to be with dozens of restaurants and energetic pubs crowded by the George Washington and Georgetown University students. By all means, Virginia and Maryland have their own outstanding places that deserve a visit. Alexandria is at 15 minutes’ car ride from DC. It has a beautiful Old Town. NYC escorts always praise its King Street with more than 30 Bistros and inviting sidewalks for an after-dinner walk. Also, you can go to the Old Town Alexandria Harborside, which is filled with street musicians and artists. As a bonus, it has a breathtaking view of DC. 


Nevertheless, if you don´t want to leave the Empire State, you have the option to go to Hudson, New York instead. The place offers five start hotels and Phenomenal restaurants. Now for the adventurous one, Harriman State Park, New York, and Montauk, New York can give you miles and miles of forest with more than 300 miles of biking or hiking trails. Harriman State Park has beautiful cabins to rent and a hotel on site. 


Hit the Jackpot at Atlantic City

Getting profits from your lucky day is a real possibility. Atlantic City offers a good deal of world-renowned casinos with top-notch installations. The Casinos are just the most obvious attraction of this coastal city, but its 5 star’s hotels have everything you could ask. Manhattan escorts highly recommend a suite at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. 


The Tropicana is a one-stop place; you can get from movie theaters to ethnic or exotic cuisine restaurants. Also, the hotel has its own shopping mall, The Quarter at Tropicana has more than 40 high-end stores, more than 11 nightclubs, and several restaurants. In an hour you can try 11 different nightclubs for you to unleash your passion. If you are in a hurry, the Tropicana buffet is no only the best in the area, but it caters to all tastes. Our New York City Escort Agency can make all the arrangements needed for your enjoyment at the Tropicana. Our NYC Escort agency arrangement includes but is not limited to Round trip luxury transportation by plane or car, hotel reservation, and pre-checking in to save your time. Provide the company of your selected NYC escort during your entire gateway. 


In our Escorts New York City opinion, once you arrive at the Tropicana the place surrounds you with an aura of relaxation. There is no need to leave the hotel for anything. The hotel employees devote extraordinary efforts to avoid missing any detail to make you feel like the king of the world. Now if you can imagine a Fantasy Island where all your desires become other's commands, the Tropicana is that place. The only way to make this hotel better is by sharing your time with a splendorous and hot NY Escort. Indeed, there are few places where an NYC escort will serve you better. Celebrating with an NYC escort GFE during the whole weekend is the paradise on Earth.


Enjoy the Luxurious New York City Life Style. 

New Yorkers don´t need to leave the city or travel to other states to find the best five stars’ hotel in the hemisphere. For those who only want to take a break from their complex jobs and disconnect from the world, Manhattan has more than 25 above five stars for your enjoyment. Expending a weekend at the Mark hotel is a treat that you will remember for years to come. Our NYC escorts grade the Mark hotel as one of the most detail-oriented premises in the US. At the Mark Hotel, each suit level is remarkably different from the others. 


Saint Regis Hotel is another fabulous destination, with two restaurants that worth visiting for its unique experience provided. Besides, Saint Regis provides 24/7 butler service, which takes care of everything. The service is above the standard for similar venues, and its location in the middle of Fifth avenue increases its value. The number of hotels to choose where to hide for the weekend is staggering. Our escorts NYC found The Plaza charming and full of history and traditions. It is critical to recognize that The Plaza stills providing a praise-worthy service.  


Moreover, the Mandarin Oriental, the JW Marriott Essex House New York, The Benjamin, Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, and the W hotels are above expectations. To emphasize, the probability that you leave any of these hotels on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning feeling disappointed is closed to 0. Also, when you add an NYC escort to the weekend retreat, the only possible outcome is joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Besides, without a doubt, this Birthday celebration will be more than remarkable and memorable. As a matter of fact, even a mediocre place can become a fantastic facility, while in the company of a gorgeous and seductive model. The GFE escort service is always above expectations and delivers more than any other escort service in the US.


Never Spend a Birthday Alone.

You are a hard worker and play by the rules the entire year. You have so much to celebrate your date. Besides, the birthday party is not only a tradition but also a tribute to all your achievements and your support to loved ones and society. Of course, your birthday gives you the perfect excuse to be selfish and think only about your satisfaction. For this reason, our New York City escort agency has the ideal gift for you. Because we are proud of how you are growing up, we offer a special discount and fabulous promotions to celebrate you.


Moreover, our New York City escort agency event planning can help you plan an extravaganza for yourself. Sure, you can request 6 or 12 NYC escorts. if you are bringing your friends to your party. Based on the evidence and the reported experience of our loyal clientele, hiring three NYC escorts to overindulge yourself will make you feel like the king of the world. We can guarantee that each encounter with any of the fantastic models is memorable and creates long-lasting memories.