Best Rooftop Bar for Dates In NYC

A charming restaurant o bistro is the old fashion way to relax and mingle with acquaintances and meet new people. During the winter, most NYC escorts meet their clients at restaurants. But, as the weather gets warmer and the sun takes over the city, New Yorkers flock to rooftop bars. No other place in town is more energetic, vibrant, and filled with beautiful people than a trendy rooftop bar. No matter if you are a New Yorker or you are visiting, you must meet some of the best bars in the world. If you don't want to go alone, our NYC escort agency has the ideal companion waiting for you.

New York City offers all the Rooftop Bar options. From the outdoor oasis, beer gardens, and grilled bars to fancy sky-high lounges with the New York City skyline and Hudson river million-dollar view. The service level, the exclusive cocktails, and the unique views are a worthy experience by itself. If you want to take it to the next level, you have to visit it with a Manhattan escort that will unleash your wild side. Of course, entering any facility with a breathtaking NYC escort walking at your side is the best statement of life accomplishment an Alpha man can do.

This article will feature some of the best NYC rooftop bars to facilitate your selection.



The Press Lounge New York

Located at 653 11TH Ave.  New York, NY 10036

This is one of the all-time favorite venues that can summarize in one spot the entire Manhattan philosophy and lifestyle. The elegance and attention to detail are praiseworthy. It has hundreds of indoor seating, as well as a generous amount of outdoor space. Classical music stimulates your imagination while setting the perfect ambient for a pleasant conversation. A romantic date with NYC escorts cannot get any better place. 

The drinks and attention are fabulous. The cocktail's names are hilarious. Also, if you feel hungry, you can go to the restaurant next door. This is the favorite goto bar to relax our NYC escort Sasha, an architect and interior design enthusiast. Sasha thinks, the clean lines and church ceilings are designed to blend with the skyline and center your attention on Times Square and Uptown. NYC escorts also love to sit around the enclosed fire pit and feel the warm air while contemplating the fire dance. The Press Lounge is loved by all our Manhattan escorts.

Dress code, cocktails, business casual.

Precautions: call in advance to check if they are having a private event since the beautiful venue is frequently rented for weddings, congress, and corporate parties. After 10pm and on weekends it can get crowded. At night, it can be freezing if you want to stay outdoors.

Castell Rooftop Lounge

260 W 40th St. New York, NY 10018

The bar is on the 21st Floor of the AC Hotel by Marriott New York Times Square. 
Located close to dozens of theaters, this bar is cosmopolitan and picturesque. The eclectic decoration and the top-notch service make it the ideal Martini’s bar. The martinis list occupies the entire first two pages of the menu. The servers, bartenders, and Bussers are attentive and warm. They check in frequently to be sure you are having a blast but not too often to be pushy. The ambiance is rather joyful filled with mids 20s and 30s workers who grab a drink after work. The outdoor area is charming, but the view is limited. According to Tiffany, our NYC escort this bar is perfect for a friendly chat after a play or just warming up before working. Gigi, another escort NYC loves the bar bites. The first time Caroline a new NYC escort come to this place, she felt in the same room as Keanu Reeves on the Devil’s advocate movie. She believes, this bar is excellent for a pleasant conversation while erasing tension

Dress code: cocktails, business casual.

Precautions: The lounge can be reserved for a couple of hours for private events. If you have an outdoor reservation and it rains, you might end standing at the bar. Our Escort NYC tip, is to watch your clock if you go there before a play because you lose a sense of time easily once you are there.


The Top of the Standard

848 Washington St. New York, NY 10014

This impressive facility counts with more than five different ambiances under one roof (or not roof if you go to the rooftop). This bar lounge makes you feel transported back in time. Sitting at the fire pit and you are in the great Gatsby movie or go to the rooftop and feel like in the middle of a fraternity party. This a trendy place to see and be seen. It is always packed with Top Models and young funds managers that maintain the 80s Yuppie atmosphere. However, the general spirit is no pretentious or snob. The interior design is stunning. The murals and myriad of details are above expectations. The Boom Boom Room is the favorite place for a champagne cocktail and a panoramic view of Manhattan for our NYC escort, Brigitte. The best place you can find in any bar or restaurant to wait for your NYC escort service. It is frequent to see a couple of men proposing every night.

On the words of Krissy, our NYC escort, the view is all you can ask from a Manhattan observatory. You can see the tri-state area, the Financial District skyline crowned by the One world trade center tower. On your right, the Staten Island Ferry with its unstoppable movement. On your left Downtown, the Chrysler and the Empire State Building

Dress code. Smart dress and cocktails. Nevertheless, our Manhattan Escorts recommend a dress to impress. On the other hand, our NYC escort agency staff highlights this is the perfect place to use your beautiful Velvet Tuxedo coat.

Precautions: it packed after 7pm. The Boom Boom Room is the most exclusive area. Thus, a table reservation is highly recommended. You must check in your coats, briefcases but the line to check them out could last 30 minutes. 

Bar 54

135 W 45th St. New York, NY 10036

This is one of the tallest rooftop bars in the country and the tallest open Terrace in the USA. It is located on the 54 floor and provides a wonderful Skyline view of lower Manhattan. The Chrysler Building, and the H & M building takes center stage of the view. Veronica, our Escort NYC enjoys sitting on the outside sofas while contemplating Downtown and sipping a refreshing drink. In our NYC escort, Ruby's opinion, it is a terrific experience to be here because you can see from river to river. The service is to the standard. The avant-garde decoration invites a sweet talk. The drinks whose names end in mule are tasty. Veronica likes the Moscow Mule for warming up and the Maui Mule to lose it up. The food is light American cuisine.

Dress code: business casual, cocktails 

Precautions. The outdoor setting is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Terrace can be cold at night, even during summertime. Our escort agency tip is always making an indoor reservation, the rain can be tricky.

St. Cloud Rooftop Bar

6 Times Square 17th Floor New York, NY 10036

This venue displays the Manhattan decadence in every inch. The decoration is modern and rather chic. The elegant cigar lounge with comfortable leather couches is one of the best in town. The service is good, but the place can get crowded. The food portions are generous, the appetizers are yummy, and they change with the season. The drinks are delicious. Although you are in the middle of skyscrapers, the view is phenomenal. You can enjoy the NYC skyline and its colorful lights. It has plenty of setting areas both indoors and outdoors with comfortable sofa booths and heating lamps. One feature each NYC escort loves is, its warming, and everybody is welcome atmosphere that invites you to spend hours on the premises. Also, our Manhattan escort agency manager recommends the Charcuterie Board with tons of curated Italian meats.

Dress code. Smart dress and cocktails. Our NYC escort cast highly encourages dress to impress to feel in place.

Precautions: The place is quite trendy, and it can get crowded. Private events can reserve half of it, limiting the Skyline view and preventing patrons from entering some of the most beautiful areas.


230 Fifth

20th floor at 230 Fifth Avenue

Located on the 20th floor at 230 Fifth Avenue is a consecrated New York City icon. 230 Fifth is the most extensive Rooftop bar in the USA with a capacity for more than 1,200 patrons. It has been portrayed in dozens of movies. The view is transcendent with the Empire State and the Chrysler building as the background. This bar is the epitome of New Yorkers' lavish lifestyle. The servers bend over to make you feel welcome and appreciated. The massive outdoor area can be enjoyed for hours under the sky. When the weather is cold, the servers will lend you comfy red wool robes to help you stay longer. It has geodesic Igloos, a transparent igloo-shaped tent that can sit up to 12 people inside and keep them summer warm. Of course, there are dozens of heating lights and umbrellas for you to enjoy the Manhattan skyline's 360 views. The lower level has an enclosed penthouse which was filled with an excellent representation of all people of New York with a magnificent vibe and contagious joy. Our NYC Escorts love to have Brunches on Sundays, they said that although the menu is limited, the taste and service make them come back every month. Mark, our escort agency accountant, recommends visiting it during a Yankees game. It is like being in a Stadium Royal Box. The place became insane. William, our NYC Escort agency Corporate manager, said she spent the New Year's Eve there. He described it as surreal.

Dress code: Business casual, cocktail, Laura is a Manhattan escort who lives close to the area. She says never to go without high heels and a cute attire.

Precautions: from Sunday to Thursday tables are on a first come first serve unless you reserve a prepaid food. The Igloos are helpful, but if you don't have a big party, you might end sharing your igloo with other groups, it can destroy the magic said Whitney a NYC escort. On this rooftop some days, you can actually hit the dance floor. If you want to meet a client or a date, be sure to explain your table location. You can waste more than 15 minutes, just walking around people.

Dear Irving on Hudson

310 West 40Th Street. New York, NY 10018

The luxury and sophistication of the 60s is accurately represented by the decoration and furniture of this spectacular venue. The enclosed penthouse is divided into two different rooms facing the opposite pole. One is facing north while the other is facing south, and the same layout is seen on the two levels, floors 40th and 41st. The place has majestic views comparable only with its exquisite interiors with lush fabrics and velvet curtains. The sofas are charming, comfortable, and easy on your skin. The tables were a little small for 4 people, but the decor was splendid. The vibe is super fresh and energetic, full of stamina. The service is good, and the drinks are delicious. The Xantolo is the ideal drink when you need an extra boost or a little help to ease the tension, said Emily, our NYC escort. Geoffrey, our escort agency security field specialist, recommends whiskey business. Its deep flavor and citric aroma make it the ideal all-purpose drink for summer refreshing or winter warming. Our Escorts NYC loves this rooftop after a Broadway show.

Dress code: Smart business, cocktails.

Precaution: This is a trendy bar that benefits from a timely reservation to skip the long lines.


The list provided in this summary is too short to even describe the 10 best or the funniest or craziest rooftop bars. Our NYC escort agency can help you get your ideal place after booking an NYC escort service and describing your preferences. As you might notice, New York City, similar to our NYC escorts agency, can please the most demanding taste and surpass your expectations. Pure New Yorkers say you don't know New York if you haven't visited a rooftop bar with an NYC escort tour guide. There is no better time than now