Best Neighborhoods In New York City To Take Out A Date

New York City is by far the most diverse and exhilarating city in the world. The cultural diversity brought by immigrants' waves created the most complete world representation in a single geographical area. The city has 696 hotels, more than 16,000 bars, and 26,264 eateries. In fact, every two blocks, you can find a different cultural influence and unlimited options to explore with distinct vibes. The impressive variety of places and styles facilitate that you find a fabulous spot in any NYC neighborhood. Our NYC escort agency will share inside tips to assist your selection of the best neighborhoods in NYC to take out a date.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is the best neighborhood to walk around and discover what your date preferences are. You will find a range of options to delight any taste. Greenwich Village has hundreds of bistros and restaurants with different cuisines, cozy cafes, energetic bars, and dozens of venues with live music and performances around the clock. Walking around its streets resemble and European town with restaurants in every door, brick stones, and the absence of skyscrapers. This neighborhood is one of the favorite places to date for our NYC escorts for its charming ambiance that promotes romance.

The city that never sleeps slowdown its fast pace in this neighborhood, allowing its visitors to relax and enjoy life while stimulating a closer and more personal interaction. Another key point, Greenwich Village, has bohemian vibes delivering an intimate romantic atmosphere. Also, walking through Washington Square with its beautiful arch surrounded by NYU students is refreshing and eases the tension. The square is the stage for street performers, dancers, and musicians who entertain its visitors. NYC escorts find exciting driving around Bleecker Street and learning about new artists.

Precautions: During the weekends, you must have a reservation for any restaurant on MacDougal Street. The waiting time for a table without a reservation can be more than two hours.

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side has a remarkable romantic and quiet restaurant selection. It has a wide range of entertainment options such as Museums, planetariums, the Lincoln Center, Beacon Theatre, and Central Park. For those planning a Hollywood movie romantic getaway, this is the neighborhood to make it happen.

Lincoln Square

Before dining, you can go to the Metropolitan Opera House and enjoy its world-renowned talent. Once the show ends, you can take a moment to contemplate the fountain at the Lincoln Center plaza. Every NYC escort loves to visit the Opera House and the fountain across it.

For those moved by romanticism, planning an after-meal carriage ride through the central park is a no brainer. Once they are on the carriage, the horseman will handle a chocolate box and a rose bouquet to create an idyllic moment. Most women, including Manhattan escorts, cannot resist being treated like a princes by a true prince charming. On the other hand, to explore a bolder side, visiting a popular roof bar will unleash your wild side.

Manhattan Valley

Want to relax and avoid formalities, Pier I Café is an exceptional place. It has a relaxed ambient similar to any tropical beach boardwalk. You can eat and drink while enjoying the inner harbor sightseen. After a couple of minutes there, you will forget you are in Manhattan. With this in mind, the NYC escort agency security guys are loyal customers of this place. On the same token, going to the planetary and surrender to the outstanding IMAX outer space images will give you more than enough material for hours of conversation. Indeed, every woman loves stars and planets, most NYC escorts go to the planetary during their relaxation time.

Upper East Side

Sport oriented or outdoor people love the Upper East Side. Similar to the other parts of Manhattan, the gastronomic offer is massive. There are fewer people in the area, and most of the parks and venues are not packed. Besides, its parks have beautiful trails and escorts Manhattan visit it every morning for jogging and stretching exercises.


You can find hundreds of German, Hungarian, Polish, and Czech bistros and restaurants in Yorkville. This Manhattan neighborhood provides a seclude ambient free from boutiques, department stores, and the noise and crowds associated with it. Besides, Yorkville has several parks and a good variety of sports fields. Also, it has a modern harbor on the east river.

The Financial District

The Financial District has everything you could ask for. In this area, you can find unlimited options for you to take out your date. In Fidi, several of our escort services NYC are provided. Also, this vibrant zone is the home of five of our NYC escorts models. Similar to Times Square, the Financial District is the epitome of NYC. The main difference between the two is that in the Financial District, everything is luxurious. The options for dating are endless in the Financial District.

Explore the harbor and navigate the Hudson

The Financial District has Battery Park and several piers that offer tours, cruises, dinners, and bars on yachts and big boats. Therefore, you can take your date to a floating restaurant or a private yacht for sailing the Hudson River. The lights on the Manhattan skyline are always amazing. The level of service and the food quality are to the standards at restaurants on the water. Moreover, clubs and bars on boats are available for you to dance the night out. In general, parting on a ship while contemplating Leidy Liberty, New Jersey, and Manhattan is memorable. In particular, escorts Manhattan love sailing on the Hudson River while dining.

South St. Seaport

This picturesque place has bistros and eateries. Moreover, the boardwalk is one of the most delightful tourist attractions in Fidi. The site has beach ambient free of worries and pretentious attitudes. You can go there to eat or drink in its bars. Also, it has several shops. Two coworkers from our escort agency NYC helps to rebuild this area by collaborating with a couple of hands to clean and remove debris after Sandy.

For Foodies

Each four- and five-stars hotel in the area has a least two first-rate restaurants. Our NYC escort service planner is a devoted foodie; he visits more than 80 phenomenal restaurants in Fidi per year. Important to realize, a couple of Michelin’s awarded chefs have restaurants in the financial district. Also, there is one three stars Michelin restaurant. For the Brunch lovers, our NYC escorts recommend eating at North End Grill (104 North End Avenue). Of course, you can have lunch or dinner there too. The atmosphere, service, and food taste and quality are praiseworthy.


Across the East River, there is a new world to explore. Williamsburg is a Brooklyn neighborhood on the edge of the East River. Point often overlooked, during the last decade, it became one of the most popular destinations out of Manhattan. To emphasize, there are hundreds of bistros, abundant green fields, shops, boutiques, and a vibrant atmosphere. The neighborhood is a little Hipster, and it has artists and street performers in abundance. For those reasons, dating in Williamsburg can reduce the stress to make reservations and planning every detail. Our NYC escorts agency dating planning manager recommends wandering around Williamsburg and exploring bistros and local cafes.

In Williamsburg, you can play by ear and discover new places. Also, our Manhattan escort agency considers Williamsburg a place for dating due to its wide variety of activities available. Our escorts NYC recommend the Peter Luger Steakhouse restaurant at 178 Broadway. Peter Luger has one Star Michelin. It is the paradise of meat lovers with above expectation service and quality.


The emblematic commercial area from South Houston Street to Canal Street is one of the most popular Manhattan's dating neighborhoods. On the positive side, the neighborhood is packed with upscale stores, bistros, restaurants, cafes, eateries, art galleries, and museums. Important to realize, in SoHo, you can enjoy extraordinary musicals, plays, or theatrical performances at a low cost. The plays and musicals are similar or even better than some current Broadway shows. NYC escorts love performing artists. Besides, the art galleries display contemporary cultural movements and some bold proposals for you to admire. SoHo gives you thousands of dating places.

After the sunset, the bars and clubs in SoHo are among the best in the world. If you want to show some moves, there are dozens of dancing clubs in the area. For those looking for the wildest experience, The Box SoHo is the place to visit. The Box offers all kinds of theatrical performances with a joyful ambiance and the best beats of the moment. Also, for those into Latin Rhythm, Salsa SoHo lets you show your skills. NYC escorts recommend going to the Pegu Club at 77 W Houston St, for its delicious and refreshing cocktails.

Our NYC escort agency chairman is a movie enthusiast, who recommends visiting the Film Forum (at 209 W Houston St). At the Film Forum, you can enjoy movies from all film festivals. You can find movies from Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Tokyo, and any renowned festival. Escorts NY recommend making reservations for all the venues to avoid wasting hours on never-ending lines. Some escorts NYC says that spending an entire day in SoHo is easy and fun. In this case, you can start by visiting art galleries, eating at some eateries, and trying delicious desserts or bakery treats. At the same time, walking around SoHo is always exciting and colorful.

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan summarizes the New York City lifestyle and its affluent society. The number of dating places is overwhelming. Without a doubt, you can find a wide variety of venues to impress your date. Also, there is not any other place in the world with more entertainment options for any lifestyle. Escorts NYC love the billboards, the energetic vibes, and the mix of people in Times Square.

Times Square Romantic Restaurants

No everything is noise and fast speed in Times Square; it has some of the most romantic restaurants in Manhattan. Besides, the idyllic atmosphere and the delicious food help to tune the ambiance for closeness and romance. Also, the exhilarating vibe stimulates your senses and increases your excitement for adventure and new discoveries. Escorts NYC found charming and inspirational Da Marino Restaurant at 220 W 49th St. According to our Manhattan escorts from the front door to the bathroom, you are into a city oasis full of delicate flowers. Furthermore, the ambiance with the piano playing and the beautiful singer voice transport you to the Campania Tuscan and Napoli. The management takes excellent attention to detail and delivers outstanding service on every occasion. Although the food is Italian Cuisine, there are plenty of options for vegans and celiac people. The entire staffs are singers and performing artists. It is an excellent place for before or after theater meal.

The View, at 1535 Broadway New York Marriott Marquis, 47th and 48th Floors, is a no brainer dating destination. NY escorts love the view from any of both levels. Also, the revolving bar is always impressive. In addition, the skyline changes slowly, promoting myriads of conversational topics.

Broadway has it all.

Broadway always has a show that suits the most demanding tastes. It is hard to find any other place on earth with such a variety offered for amusement than Broadway. Every woman on earth enjoys dressing to impress to attend a play or enjoy a vibrant musical. Indeed, Broadway is the safest place to date because you don't even need to talk or be funny to entertain and impress your date. The magic of Broadway can do the work of captivating your date and promoting a successful conclusion for the evening. In like manner, each escort service NYC provides, as a theater companion is always welcome by the chosen escort NY.

New York City and its five boroughs offer hundreds of romantic places and fantastic venues for dating. Choosing just the one limited area as the best neighborhoods in NYC to take out a date will depend on the couple's preferences. The safest bet could be Times Square or the Financial District. Our escort agency NYC can help you to book your next dream date. On the same token, you can request any of our breathtaking NYC escorts to go shopping with you and select the best gift for your significant one. Of course, you can hire an NYC escort service to try any popular place or attend any event.