Best Halloween Treats for the Discerning Men

Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your creativity and take advantages of role plays to recreate your fantasies. This year we can enjoy five nights of Halloween treats from New York escorts to release all the confinement pressure. No other date during the years is sexier or kinkier than Halloween night. Besides, everybody can wear a costume or a mask and pretend to be someone else for a day which is a free pass for fun. Also, the impersonation of your favorite fictional character or real-life person gives you a new level of freedom to be adventurous. 


Halloween Strange Blue Full Moon May Boost Your Sex appeal and Attractiveness. 

During the Halloween Night, October will have a second full moon, which confers a bluish color to the moon surface. During the Roman empire, the spectacular Blue Moon was an indication from Bacchus the God of Wine and agriculture to overindulge carnal desires. Bacchus celebrations consist of weeks of drunkenness, overeating and all kind of fleshy pleasures. Our New York City escort agency doesn’t want to contradict what the gods are demanding. For this reason, NYC escorts are ready to play roles or impersonate your dream character for your Halloween celebration. 


According to myths from the middle age Ireland villages, The Blue Moon was a gift from Celtic Deities after a challenging time. The Celtics´ countries inhabitants wear animal furs, costume, mask, and party for weeks to prevent the Gods anger. If the entire village celebrates and enjoys themselves, the Celtic Deities won´t demand human sacrifices only fun and happiness. Under those circumstances, it is probably that after this challenging year full of social limitations and self-confinement, the earth is rewarding the human beings for their resilience. Consequently, it is New York City escorts duty to celebrate Halloween and help New Yorkers to gain the Ancient Gods favors.


Planning a Grownups Halloween Celebration to Imitate the Ancient Celtics

Who knows if a two people party or a weeklong celebration can please the gods and finally return our lives to normal. If you want to have a small reunion or a private celebration, our NYC escort agency can help you to get the most from it. In fact, our companion models are experts’ impersonators and talented actresses. Regardless of the celebration size or the ambitious fantasy recreation, our escort agency NYC can help you to make it happen. Thanks to the privilege Manhattan location and its multi-ethnic business offer any fantasy can be recreated. 


Every year our Manhattan escort agency receives hundreds of requests for Halloween theme parties. Of course, gorgeous and super-hot NYC escorts are everymen fantasy for any celebration. Besides, Halloween gives the perfect excuse to go out wearing only sexy lingerie or provocative underwear. Traditionally, our escorts NY are overbooked during this time of the year, modeling and entertaining corporate parties. The confinement and the avoidance of big crowds provides a unique opportunity for some lucky men to have a memorable Halloween treat. 


If You Have Good Health and Full of Energy for Halloween Lets Paint the Town 

Halloween celebration is part of the American culture and the perfect occasion for tension-releasing before the holidays. Indeed, Halloween is probably the last private celebration of the year. Afterwards, there are only family gatherings starting with Thanksgiving and followed with Christmas, Hanukah or your religious denomination holidays. Moreover, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, the never-ending confinement, the election fears, and all the stress of 2020, you must consider celebrating Halloween like there is no tomorrow. To help you get the most from your time, we suggest some popular Halloween treats for you to choose your favorite one. 


Halloween Candlelight Dinner

After ten months full of uncertainty, markets volatility, shares speculations, and biological hazards, you may want to enjoy a classic and private gourmet candlelight dinner. You can pick any of the few five starts hotels open in Manhattan or any of the Michelin Stars awarded restaurants in New York City and share a peaceful dinner with the company of a sophisticated NYC escort. Sharing a meal and a pleasant conversation can reduce your cortisol level and decrease your muscle tension. Sure, if you want to take your experience to the next level, you can request a trio to play some light classical music and enjoy yourself. 


Halloween Horrorfest Films or Movies

Halloween is the time of the year to travel back in time in your imagination and remember how frightened the campfire stories were or the Stephen Kings Books. Devote yourself to a night of horror movies in the company of a film enthusiasts New York escort. Our agency counts with several cinema-lover models who can be the perfect companion for your horrorfest marathon. You can order some food for the film festival or just chips and popcorns with some carbonated drinks to recreate a movie theater. The options available are countless with Netflix, pay per view and dozens of reruns on live television. 

You can be confident no matter how many horror movies you have seen when you share a movie with a stunning escort NYC you will remember it for years to come. 


Role Play

Halloween is ideal for adventures and breaks boundaries to explore your wild side. You can set any imaginable theme and recreate a fantasy world during the night or the entire weekend. Wearing costumes and mask and pretend to be someone else is always exhilarating. Also, when you hire professionals, NYC escorts to be part of your role play, it reaches another level of fun and excitement. No matter how naughty or evil you chose the character for your companion women are, they will always look super sexy. It is essential to realize that NYC escorts will do their best to follow your script and provide an unforgettable encounter. 


Private Dance Floor

Are you bored and tired of the confinement and want to move your body and hit the dance floor? You can hire one, or a group of breathtaking NYC escorts to go to one of the five starts hotels available and transform your suit into a dancing floor from a trendy club. The music can be played from Spotify. Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube red or Amazon Music Unlimited. The music streaming service can play music from Ibiza to London, to LA, Brussels or any club in the world. The ambience decoration can be set with a four or six led light and a couple of stroboscopic lamps.


Manhattan escorts are great dancers, and they look beyond sublime when they are moving their sculptural bodies in groups. You can have a blast and dance the night out in the company of one or as many escorts NYC as you want. The more you hire, the merrier you can be.


Halloween Heaven Experience with Four or more Manhattan Escorts

Heaven is a man invention to represent an idyllic time or paradisiac location. This Halloween, you can have heaven filled with angels and beautiful beings waiting for your commands. Hiring four or six Manhattan escorts to be your angels and celestial beings for your private Halloween celebration is, without a doubt, the closest a human being can be from heaven. Once you are in heaven, there is no limit for your enjoyment and happiness. You can transform any ordinary room in a cloud full of joy. Besides, the sky will no longer be the limit when you are recreating your heaven. 

The only inconvenient you may face is that your heaven will impress to be the duplicate of the December fashion show of the lingerie brand broadcast by ABC. Your NYC escorts will look better than the catwalk models with angel’ wings. On the other hand, each of you angels will be friendly and easygoing with charming and approachable personalities.


Sexy nurses or an Exotic Hospital

Are you tired of the sadness and negative news, aren’t you? You can change the entire narrative of the story and live a sexy fantasy. Hiring NYC escorts to be your nurses and doctors and provide cares for you while wearing sexy costumes is an all-time favorite. In no time, any room can be transformed into an Emergency room or a doctor office, and the doctor or nurse can start his examination. Most men love sexy nurses, and they are part of countless fantasies. On the same token, escorts NYC enjoys wearing sexy outfits and move graciously oozing sex appeal. 


Naughty Tutor Naughty Student

Some men had a crush with one of their high school teacher or maybe one professor from college. Halloween is the best time to recreate the teacher of student fantasy and get over it with the help of an eye-catching NYC escort. The companion model can impersonate either role or alternate both roles per the client request. According to one of our NYC escort, most clients hire her to impersonate the student, and they want to send her to detention. Besides, dressing in a private school uniform and behaving innocent and naïve is another acclaimed role play.


Superheroes Universe

The love and fascination for Superheroes that can transport you to parallel universes far from your real-life are higher every year. The support for heroes grows during hardship and economic troubles. Thus, the year 2020 might be the year with the most significant number of Superheroes fans. Regardless of the reason for your preferences, you can count with the most beautiful and best body shapes partners every time you hire NYC escort to be your side kids or superhero. As a matter of fact, some NY escorts love to impersonate female superheroes, Wonder Woman, Super girl, and Batgirl are some of the favorites characters of our companion models. 


Paranormal and Ghost Encounters

Playing with ghost, spirits, witches and paranormal activities is part of the fun of the Halloween Celebration. Our New York City escort agency can recommend the most suitable NYC escort service to hire for your celebration plan. Also, our dating experts can give you some tips and recommendations to have a scarier theme. The major challenge will be to make our exuberant NYC escort looks creepy or ugly. Indeed, NYC escorts always look gorgeous, and their attractiveness is more potent than a giant magnet. On the other hand, you can be confident that your ghost and spirits will be the most enchanting beings in the area. As an illustration, each NYC escort is drop-dead gorgeous, and in Halloween costumes, they look like a dream.


Zombie land and Supernatural Horror

In America, we are obsessed with zombies and creepy creatures that can attack us and eat our flesh and brains. This peculiar preference is notorious during Halloween with hundreds of people dressing like zombies, monsters, terrible creatures. But, no matter your preferences or fantasies, we offer a 100% nonjudgmental environment for your amusement. Also, we have the perfect staff to impersonate sexy zombies and decadent monsters with hourly glass body shapes that will make that any man offer himself to be eaten by our NYC escorts. 


Vampires and Sexy Bloodsuckers

Sexy vampires with insatiable appetites are frequently asked fantasies. The NYC escort service During Halloween weeks always required the hot as hell vampires, and our entire NYC escorts models staff are perfect for impersonating them. Our escorts NYC love to dress like vampires with black or red costumes with accentuating their flawless skin and muscle tone. Moreover, if the client fantasy is to be the Vampire leader and seduces outstanding beautiful females to make them his willing followers, it can be recreated. 


Learn How to Create a Ritual

New Yorkers are well known for their extravaganza and creativity. Some clients went the extra mile in recreating their spooky fantasies and prepared a Hollywood grade set. In those sets, NYC escorts can impersonate sexy Devils, innocent virgins, priestesses, or witches making spells or magical potions. The ritual impersonation sometimes gets so real that last year some guests get completed frightened and stopped it because they believed they were watching some kind of ritual. Of course, the party host hired our talented NYC escorts, and they impersonated their role to perfection. 


Text/Call  929-364-9001 our New York City Escort GFE Agency and tell us your plans, we can help you to recreate them with a real live fantasy.  Xxoo