Best 2021 Summer Yacht’s Destinations

Sailing across the seas is the best plan for summer to leave behind stress and restrictions while exploring the world's beauties. The variety of available destinations and endlessly customized itineraries give you the freedom to map your own route. You can include beautiful ports, stunning beaches, deserted islands, popular ports, wild parties, and incredible sceneries on your trip. Your idyllic voyage can have as many ports of call as you wish since you are in control of the journey. Adding a fascinating escort NYC transforms your trip into an expedition for joy and pleasure. Let's discover the hottest yacht destinations. 

Spain's Mediterranean Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are a group of four islands loaded with options to please everybody's tastes and wildest requests. If you want to enjoy outstanding Mediterranean cuisine and luxury shopping. Mallorca has it all. Mallorca is the largest island; it offers all the luxury services of any European capital in the middle of the sea. You can enjoy pristine beaches full of history with centennial fortresses and towers. Escorts NYC love Mallorca streets and the middle ages stone castles. Palma's Old Town is a must-see place, according to New York City escorts. For the sport-oriented, Mallorca offers mesmerizing hiking trails and dozens of delightful villages to discover. 


Ibiza is the heart of the Balearic Islands and the hottest destination for partygoers from around the world. According to escorts NYC, Ibiza offers the best sunsets you can enjoy in the Western Mediterranean sea. This island is a trendy place for celebrities and millionaires to mingle and relax. NYC escorts confirm that in Ibiza, the clubs never close before breakfast time. Of course, Ibiza offers more than wild parties and amazing beaches. UNESCO declared it a world cultural heritage site for its unique biological diversity and its Phoenician archaeological remnants. Escorts NYC recommend visiting the historic centre of Eivissa, the necropolis of Puig des Molins and the site of Sa Caleta. 

Minorca and Formentera

Offers quiet fishing villages for a relaxing retreat. The natural scenery gives millions of spots for nature lovers and photography inclined people. In the escorts NYC opinion, the fishing islands are peaceful without the noise and crowds of the other two. The life pace is languid, and its inhabitants are warm and welcoming. NYC escorts love to visit Menorca for romantic dinners. 

The Caribbean has it all.

The Caribbean Sea has more than 700 islands combining adventure, fun, relaxation, fantastic shopping, and history. According to escorts Manhattan each of them it's a destination on its own. NYC escorts say that depending on the part of the Caribbean you are visiting, the experience will be completely different. Sailing across the Caribbean allows you to visit one or more different islands on the same day. Escorts NYC enjoy contrasting cultural differences among the French, Dutch, English, and Spanish colonies. You can witness how each culture influences the diverse population and its lifestyles. Following the four cardinal points, we can divide the Island into four major groups North, South, West and East. 

Saint Maarten/St. Martin 

The two countries, one island is a worthy destination. You can see the main differences in working hours, business orientation, and level of service between French and Dutch. Some escorts NY prefers the French side for its architecture mix and food variety. However, the actual night fun is on the Dutch side with Casinos, Clubs, and open bar until sunrise. You can duck at either side and drive to the other in minutes for those who cannot make their mind. Manhattan escorts love shopping for this reason; they can resist the duty and tax-free in Phillipsburg. If you love water sports, there are regattas and tournaments around the year.


The island offers dozens of paradisiac beaches independently of the side you are visiting. Escort NYC thinks Americans prefer the Dutch area due to the English language and currency. On the Dutch side, everybody speaks English, and US dollars are the island currency. NYC escorts consider its beach vibe more informal and wild, which is a plus for young Americans. On the other hand, the French's side offers nude beaches and a European atmosphere, which Manhattan escorts cannot resist. In the opinion of escorts NY, the beauty of the buildings and the abundant vegetation on the French side compensate for the Euro exchange and fewer business shops. 

Grand Cayman

Explore tropical jungle flora and see the exotic blue iguanas at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park without hiking. Escort NYC voted Island Naturals Cafe & Retail as the best place to have a vegetarian lunch in the island. Besides, Georgetown offers a glamorous boardwalk filled with designer shops, which are elite escorts NYC weakness. Certainly, Island Cayman beaches are what you may expect from a paradisiac retreat. 


NYC escorts adore swimming with the stingrays at Stingray City Cayman. Putting your hand and letting the stingrays pass by while you are touching them is a fun experience. Escorts NYC recommend the expedition to the Spectacular Crystal Caves to see natural crystal formations. Coral Garden, Starfish Point, the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm, and the sisters' island are great places to visit. 

Turks and Caicos 

This English Archipelago is located hidden southeast of the Bahamas at 600 NM from Miami and 367.68 NM from Nassau approximately. More than 40 islands and cays form Turks and Caicos. Escorts NYC recommend it. For those looking for a secluded place, this is definitely a great option. The sailing experience gives you a spectacular view of charming coral reefs. Turks and Caicos is becoming a favorite secluded spot for the ultra-rich. It has alluring white sand beaches with turquoise waters and privacy for you to experience your paradise. NY escorts recommend visiting the Point Grace Resort and Spa, a seven-star hotel that offers fabulous treats. Escorts NYC recommend it; this is definitely an excellent option for those looking for a secluded place.


Thailand is an enigmatic country whit astonishing breathtaking scenery. Thailand is one of the sailors' dream places, for yachting few places offer better conditions than Thailand. You can sail immerse by natural wonders on the calm water of the Andaman Sea or Thailand Golf. High Class Companions NYC say that Adamant Sea is the most relaxing and peaceful place on earth. Escort NYC recommends Phuket beach for those who want to feel the beats. Almost every night, they present international DJ's, and it has live music. When sailing across Phuket, you must keep an eye on the hills to see the Big Buddha of Chalong.


NYC escorts included Phi Phi islands as a must-visit place for everyone. The archipelago has six paradisiac islands. The white sandy beaches and majestic cliffs transport you to a lost world resembling the mythical Eden. Koh Phi Phi Don is the only populated island, and it has beautiful wooden Bungalows. Escorts NY say Thailand's coast is astonishing and makes any trip an unforgettable experience.

French Polynesia

According to escorts NYC, French Polynesia is the most romantic secluded place on earth. You can sail the entire season if you want to visit each of the 118 islands and more than 70 atolls. Only 68 of those islands and atolls are inhabited. They were strewn across 1.654.000 sq mi in the south of the Pacific Ocean. 


Tahiti is the most renowned French island in the Pacific. You can do an unlimited number of activities, from swimming with whales to rock climbing. Escorts NYC never miss an opportunity to visit Bora Bora and contemplate its spectacular biodiversity and white beaches. The mixture of the high volcanic islands and the low atolls transport you to the prehistoric era. Diving in Tahiti is the favorite activity for our adventurous NYC escorts. In Tahiti, you experience the entire Pacific Ocean currents while enjoying a balanced mix of Polynesian and French culture.


Once you arrive in French Polynesia, you can hop from one island to another. You can spend the day in an overwater bungalow while trying Tahiti cuisine and its legendary noni juice. Surfing, kayaking and all water sports are easy to practice on any of the islands. Escorts NYC recommends visiting Tuamotu, Gambier, Marquesas, Austral y Society Islands. In case you are missing hitting the green, Tahiti has a pair of complete golf courses. 

Western North America

Summer is the best season to see the natural beauties of Western North America, from Seattle to Anchorage. Escort NYC reports that sailing in Alaska is a rewarding experience with outstanding natural views. According to our NY escort trip specialist, the best sailing route starts in Seattle, WA. In about 160 minutes, you should arrive in Vancouver. 


Vancouver port is beautiful; you can explore the inner harbour or go to the city. Vancouver is a vibrant and energetic city full of life. Escort NYC considered that Vancouver has a nice blend of British and aboriginal culture. The best beach in the town is Kitsilano Beach, known as "Kits Beach" to locals. Going shopping in Gaston can require more than three days to cover all iconic shops. Vancouver malls offer thousands of shops, including designer stores. NYC escorts adore the underground tunnels filled with shops that connect different malls and buildings downtown. Escort NYC rated Vancouver as one of the favorite cities for sightseeing. Chinatown impresses to be taken from a movie set. Vancouver nightlife offers pubs, chic lounges, Irish bars, and modern dance floors for those looking for a party. 


Alaska's capital is growing and adding more services and amenities to keep tourists coming back. An exciting trivia, Juneau doesn't have any road that connects it with the mainland. Thus, you can only reach it by air or sea. After docking, you can start your exploration by visiting Mendenhall Glacier. Fly to Glacier Bay National Park or enjoy a refreshing sky section at Eaglecrest Ski Area. The scenery, the route and the natural wonders are priceless. Escorts NYC say that you must complete this Western North America sailing route a least once in your life.