A Real Girlfriend Experience For Those Who Already Had Everything. What Is The Thing That Every Man Wants More Than Sex?

Successful men who possess strong personalities, clear goals, and are leaders in their business attract any woman. These Alpha men are the epitome of masculinity, and they represent every woman's dream partner. In fact, most of them are married. Also, they have a long list of potential dates. Therefore, they can find a one night stand at any moment. However, they hire New York City escort models for real girlfriend experiences frequently. What is the actual value of a girlfriend experience, and why successful men look for it so often?

Understanding what is a real New York City Escort Service Girlfriend Experience or GFE

The first thing that everybody needs to clarify and understand is that in a real girlfriend experience, Top Model Escorts, NYC escort service involves far more than the exchange of money for the introduction of a gorgeous young lady. Important to realize, the GFE differs from any other type of commercial relationship. Besides, a GFE delivers fulfillment and satisfaction beyond a sugar daddy, courtship, dating, or married relationships. What makes this Elite Escort Service, Manhattan escort service so fascinating is that the GFE clientele always reports to enjoy it more than any encounter with their sweethearts. 

Building a Strong Bond and an Emotional Connection

NYC escort service experts are able to recreate an immersive fantasy in which they can irradiate desire and love for their clients. The expert models deliver their time and effort to make their clients feel unique and special and create a deeper connection. The GFE also offers a sanctuary for clients' expression of feelings, emotions, and desires. Moreover, during the duration of this intensive encounter, the boundaries between a commercial transaction and a deeply in love couple date mix. The dating couple strong bonds produce long-lasting relaxation and positive sensations of euphoria.

Nonjudgmental environment and safe harbor for a man to be nurtured and cared for by a woman

The great success behind the world acclaimed New York City GFE escort service is acknowledging that men want more than physical contact. Our legendary Escorts NY tailored experience encourages the stopping of any pretension and the release of any apprehension. Of course, the sacred privacy warranty promotes the freedom to admit one's vulnerability without compromising the client's manhood and manliest behaviors. Without a doubt, an NYC escort service GFE delivers more satisfaction and emotional relief than weeks of holidays. 

How Is a typical New York escort Girl Friend Experience Service? 

The High Class cliental contacts our NYC escort agency and manifests his interest in hiring the GFE service. Then, a list of the available models who can deliver this too demanding level of service is provided for the client to select the ones he finds more appealing to his preferences. Once the date is booked, the chosen professional NYC escort stars his preparation. The beautiful model will arrive at the designated facility on time, dressing to impress, with a tremendously positive attitude and a friendly approach on the booked date.

The GFE involves honest and transcendental conversation, a growing mutual affection, and an emotional connection. Later on, when the emotional bond is established, a mutual spiritual, physical, and mental pleasure is actively searching. Finally, growing mutual love and personal connection produces euphoria, happiness, and fulfillment.

 What Are the Risk of Hiring an NYC Escort Service for a GFE?

Hiring the professionals to avoid any unpleasant experience minimizes the risk of any unwelcome or uneasy moment during the encounter. The only reported outcome from our Manhattan escort agency is that after a girlfriend experience, the strong bond created can impress to be in love for the two-person involved. Consequently, our clients become royals and hire our lovely Escort NY more often. Indeed, a scientific study performed by a Canadian psychologist, who studied the GFE among Canadians, concluded that emotional intimacy is addictive. The findings are supported because more than 97% of clients who engaged in GFE repeated it more often every time.

Clients Evaluation of New York City Escort Service Girlfriend Experience

After more than 7 years as leaders of the adult entertainment industry in the US and pioneers of the Girlfriend Experience, we can share hundreds of highly demanding men's opinions and evaluations. Among the many feedbacks that our New York City escort agency receives from our beyond satisfied clients and some of those are:


The report of a mutual client and model understanding and anticipation of each other's needs.  

During and after a GFE, our High Class clients show a genuine interest in learning more about our glamorous escorts NYC life, preferences, dreams, and goals.

The permanent pursues of ways to produce mutual pleasure and enjoyment. 

Most clients are men that know what they want and how to get it. However, after a GFE, they report that

More extended interactions and the permanent reassurance in the model replies. 

The clients develop a desire to spend more time with their Escort New York.

The clients feel specials, unique, and the only man in the world for his companion woman.  

Human beings require to feel needed and appreciated. Regardless of the economic or professional success, during an NYC escort service GFE, the client will feel he is the center of the universe. The client is the companion model's real priority, who will go the extra mile to make him feel welcome and loved.

The sensation that the NYC escort is there thinking only in the current moment with her client. 

No, every courtesan can deliver a GFE escort service for the high level of training, self-steam, and personal confidence needed to

Reciprocal interaction and the clients' growing interest in discovering and providing attention and satisfaction to the escort NYC. 

After a GFE, clients learn that satisfying and taking care of their partners is paramount to create an emotional connection, which will provide a new level of pleasure.

The desire to talk and share inner thoughts and hidden emotions provide the freedom sensation and years of tension erasing. 

Men have to impersonate a thought persona without emotions or feeling to be perceived as a strong leader by their peers. For these reasons, finding a safe harbor to be free, authentic, and express emotions eliminates years of frustration, tension, and negative feelings. 

Camaraderie, Friendship, and Complicity a Reward for the Bold

People who hire NYC escorts are aware that GFE is an immersive fantasy. They are not delusional. They understand the commercial and time-limited of the experience. Nevertheless, they report that they find more than a friend. They find a person who is able to provide support and listen to them.

Moreover, they have the opportunity to enjoy the collaboration of a stunning woman or NYC escorts who make them feel the king and center of the universe for the encounter duration. David Sarfati is a current GFE client, and he said, "He enjoys talking, sharing a meal or going to Broadway with an escort NYC during a GFE. The level of camaraderie and friendship developed with the professional companion is ideal for the best companionship".

What is the difference between GFE and Up-Scale New York City Escort Agency?

The current comparison is no fear for the Up-Scale New York City Escort Agency because you are comparing two completely different NYC escort services or products. An excellent and reliable 500s Mercedes Benz or a Series 7 BMW can represent the Luxury Manhattan escort agency as an illustration. On the other hand, the girlfriend experience escort service New York can be represented by a G650ER Gulfstream private jet. The service level, the pleasure provided, the exclusivity, and the client's benefits are above expectations. To describe how meaningful for your personal well being, the GFE can be, you need to try it.

You need to try an NYC GFE to get a clear idea of what the service is all about. To emphasize, you will get as much or as a little as you put into it. If you go with an open mind and ready to open your heart and unleash your inner light and the emotional power locked inside your brain. You can become a better version of yourself. This is a life time opportunity to overcome the barriers and all the social boundaries that have limited your genuine self-expression. 

Why Do Divorced Men Hire the GFE Escort Service Manhattan?

After a separation, divorce, or a breakup, one of the partners is emotionally broken or affected. Contrary to popular beliefs, men are the most vulnerable side or the frequent victims of separations. Under those circumstances, men desperately need reassurance and regaining self-esteem and confidence. Thus, by hiring NYC escorts services and GFE, they recover from emotional pain, regaining the self-confidence required to get back on their life track. 

It is essential to realize that GFE service is available and used by men from all lifeways. Besides, single, married, divorced, or men going through relationship difficulties can enjoy and benefit from a safe harbor. Consequently, men use GFE to reconnect themselves with their personal preferences and likes. The nonjudgmental environment and the Elite escort NYC impersonation of a deeply in love sweetheart, who enjoys the client company and talk, make wonders for the client's emotional healing.

Do Girlfriend Experiences Offer any Type of Intimacy or Physical Pleasure?

Sex is never offered, nor suggested with any escort service offered or booked by our escort agency. Our distinguished High Class, High End clientele gentleman pays for the opportunity to meet and be introduced to gorgeous and sophisticated women. Clients pay for the opportunity to recreate an emotional fantasy in which they are welcome and expected by outstanding alluring women.

The pleasure obtained from a New York Escort date is produced by long-term connection and the friendship enjoyed during the date. It is critical to understand, the joy and fulfillment obtained from the Girlfriend Experience come from the emotional and intellectual connection. Also, friendship and self-discovery play a determinant role in releasing tension and frustration. New York escorts will focus on your needs and want to help you to release your tension and unblock your emotional clogs.

The Best of Dating or Courtship Without the Drama and the Downs.

It is essential to realize that GFE service is available and used by men from all lifeways. Besides, single, married, divorced, or men going through relationship difficulties can enjoy and benefit from a safe harbor. Consequently, men use GFE to reconnect themselves with their personal preferences and likes. The nonjudgmental environment and the escort NYC impersonation of a deeply in love sweetheart, who enjoys the client company and talk, make wonders for the client's emotional healing.

  • Not Pretentious. Being free from impersonating the perfect and fearless successful man persona provides a rewarding time. Besides, you can get better interaction and more pleasure when you focus on discovering what parts of life or interaction you are missing. New York escorts' fantasy world give you an emotional sandbox to recreate any of them.
  • Drama free.New York City escorts can keep their coolness in almost any situation. They are confident enough to provide you with a drama-free experience 100% of the time. The girlfriend experience fantasy will be tailored to portray a fantastic atmosphere and
  • Personal protection.Although NYC escorts' girlfriend experience service can create strong bonds and emotional intimacy, the fantasy setting will prevent you from emotional disruption or ego impacts.
  • No heartbreaks. The client's wellbeing and enjoyment is the Manhattan escort service goal at all moments. Though the client will procure pleasure and fun for his date, the GFE is carefully designed to be joyful.
  • No commitments.Clients have the options to freely choose if they want to date the same NYC escort or another one again whenever they decide to do so. Of course, clients cannot repeat the GFE again if they don't find a worthy experience. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain from a real girlfriend experience.
  • Time-Saving.We live in a never stopping society in which time is the ultimate commodity. Dating time is always under client control, who can set the date duration and frequency. Besides, clients can end any date at any moment without questions. Also, clients never have to wait for their dates. 100% of the time, the New York escort will arrive on time and always ready for the adventure.
  • Unlimited fun. The GFE fantasy is carefully catered to produce amusement, happiness, and enjoyment. With this in mind, the clients only expect a good time and a rewarding experience for each encounter.

The only requirement to enjoy a real GFE is to hire a real New York City escort service that can provide it. Thus, you are in the right place to start your journey.  




Our lovely New York City Escort Agency offers companion women for upscale social gatherings and events. The money exchange or fees charged are for the introduction of gorgeous sophisticated women and the opportunity to spend time with them. Under no circumstances GFE or any escort services offer or delivery by our escort agency or escort models suggest, implies, or involved any level of sex. Our Escort Dating Service, High Class Top models are not call girls and if you are looking for such services you are in the wrong place. The money exchange is for the companionship, introduction and the possibility to expend some time with our beautiful escorts models.