6 Steps to Become A Better Lover In No Time

Keeping a woman happy is one of the most demanding endeavors a man can embrace during his lifetime. Female priorities frequently change, making it more challenging to figure out what a woman wants. There is no doubt that sexual satisfaction is among the main concerns of any healthy individual. Besides, everybody agrees that a satisfied woman is a happy and loyal mate. She will follow her partner to the end of the world. Escorts NYC say that no matter how good or bad a man may be in bed, he can become a better lover following some essential steps. 


Sexual or lover skills can improve at any moment independently of the lover's age or energy status. NYC escorts share the best ways to satisfy your woman in bed and become a hailed and legendary lover. Before going into details, escorts NYC highlight that women badly need to feel appreciated, loved, wanted, and sexually aroused. Therefore, before considering any physical intimacy, good lovers stimulate women's brains and hearts. This article will explain proven successful techniques to start a fire in your bedroom to avoid any misconception.

6 Pay extra attention to your personal Hygiene

Escorts NYC reports that a nice smelling man is a universal turn on for any woman. You need to groom yourself very well. Take a shower and use a lovely fragrance soap at least three times around your body. Use mouth risers with mint or any citrus smell. Shave. Use a nail clipper and make sure your nails are round. High class companions in NYC say that any sharp or rough nail or dry skin feel nasty in their body. If your woman is not allergic, wearing an inviting, sweet, and morning perfume is always helpful. 

5 Awake all her senses, Use seductive scents and inviting fragrances

Escorts NYC confirms the primary female sexual organ is the brain. Thus, be sure your house or room is clean and pleasantly smelling. Besides, Escort NYC suggests using some lovely perfume to spray around to create a seductive atmosphere. (Be sure your woman is not allergic). Remember, you have to stimulate all your woman senses to enhance her sexual experience. Give your woman some time to enjoy the scents. Let her relax as much as possible. You may offer her some refreshing drinks. 

4 Know your partner, ask her what she likes and dislikes

Escorts NYC consider having an honest conversation with your couple may be challenging. However, you can take her on a dinner date or for some drinks. During the date, you can introduce the topic and listen to her answers. If she only gets short yes and no answers, you must be ready to start making open-ended questions. Escorts NYC reports that women may feel ashamed of talking about sex with their partners. Thus, you must create a safe and non-judgmental environment for her to speak her mind. 


NYC escorts say that if your woman avoids talking about her sexual preferences initially, leave her some breathing room and keep talking about other topics. After 30 minutes, bring the issue back. You must repeat this sequence until she shares her expectations. You can explore her opinion about sex toys, watching porn, sexual positions, favorite stimulating areas, role plays and the best way to approach them. Escorts NYC say, you must obtain her description of what she finds pleasurable and arousing, as well as what she dislikes. Among all conversations with your partner, learning her sexual preferences is the one that will give you the best benefits. 

3 Learn about your body and how to use it 

According to Manhattan escorts, every man has the same body parts, but not all of us know how to use them. Due to poor sex education, most adult men never learn about their erogenous zones. Making things worse, men don't understand female anatomy. They are unaware of the dozens of erogenous zones distributed throughout the female body. Escort NYC recommends devoting time to study the most common erogenous zones in your partner. The effort put into this task opens the doors to unthinkable pleasure for you and your lucky partner. 

Explore Her Body And Take Notes Of Her Most Sensible Spots.

Escort NYC suggests giving your partner an exploratory massage even without sexual intention to discover her most sensitive areas. Taking the opportunity provided by the massage excuse, you can explore inch by inch of her body. According to Escorts NYC, the best way to make this whole body assessment is by applying different levels of pressure and mixing a variety of touches. Of course, you must see her face and skin reaction to each stimulus to identify her key zones. 

Avoid the groin and breast area.

In general, NYC escorts indicate starting on the scalp and behind the ears, with attention to the ear lobes. You must be extra careful when manipulating the ear lobes, but you can pull both ears backwards to erase tension. Explore her forehead and around the eyes, the neck and shoulders, her upper and lower back. Escorts NYC warn about the belly or tummy area; it can trigger negative feelings due to body shame or personal insecurities. For this reason, before working on her stomach, you must compliment her body shape and how sexy her belly looks.  


NYC escort reports that thighs stimulation helps them achieve a better, faster, and more intense orgasm. Besides, the leg muscles are common places for tension buildup. Escorts NYC say if a man can learn to stimulate the feet soles and perform a reflexology massage is enough to drive them crazy. To clarify, you should avoid touching her groin or breast because women may overreact to that stimulation. Escort NYC confirms, when you stimulate the erogenous body zones appropriately, making a woman aroused, she will lead you. To demonstrate, she will place your hands in her breast and groin, signaling her readiness. 

2 Be the Foreplay King, Slow down to get your partner in the mood

Preparation is the best tool for satisfaction. Escorts NY report that women complain about the lack of foreplay during intimacy. To point out, NY escorts agree that the longer the relationship, the shorter the time men devote to foreplay. Consequently, women's sexual dissatisfaction becomes more frequent in longer relationships. Women hate partners who only care for themselves. Nobody wants Selfish lovers who only care about getting what they want without producing orgasms in their mates.

On the other hand, when a man takes time to please his woman, making her enjoy herself, she will be his loyal follower and return for more. Escort NYC confirms that female body response time is slower than men are. Moreover, female minds are overload with worries and insecurities, which prevent them from reaching climax. Therefore, it is paramount to help your mate release her tension and put behind her concerns to ensure a female orgasm. 

To illustrate the elemental routine every foreplay must have, Escort NYC shares their favorite sequence.

  1. Make visual contact with your mate and tell her how beautiful she is and how much you like her.
  2. NYC escort recommends small and dry kisses focusing on the lower lip. According to escort NY, starting with long French kisses is not advisable.
  3. Stimulate her back with both hands making pressure over her upper and lower back gently. Manhattan escort tip is to imagine you are molding clay. You will use both hands at all times, grabbing the neck muscles with one hand while providing a circular massage in the upper and lower back. Then, grabbing each shoulder while keeping the circular movement on the lower back and butts. Don't forget you are kissing her, said NYC escorts.
  4. Escort NYC insists that you must be patient and never rush. Besides, you must keep visual contact. In addition, you should make breathing noises. You need to alternate slow and deep with shallow and fast breaths placing your mouth close to her ears.
  5. After your mate shows arousal responses, such as shallow respirations, dilated pupils, red lips and hips movements, you can go to her special zones. Stimulates and touches her entire body before going through her breasts and genitals.
  6. NYC escorts emphasize, the breasts are over-sensitive, you must stimulate them gently. It is vital to let the nipple alone until you notice the entire breast tone increases, escorts Manhattan say.
  7. According to Escorts NYC, remember that you always start around the hips and thighs before getting closer to the groin and pubis.

1 Ensure Her Climax and enjoyment Before Yours. 

Ladies first is something everybody learns from kindergarten. Escorts NYC reports that self-control is mandatory to produce a more enjoyable sexual experience. Women require attention to them; you must achieve the highest excitement level to create great anticipation. Once a woman's mind becomes aroused, she only needs time to go through the four phases required to get an intense climax. Your mission is to provide sufficient stimulation to help her reach her climax or conclusion. Escorts NYC recommends doing the foreplay routine forward and backwards until your woman requests differently. 

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